Monthly Archive: July 2009

werewolves real legends 7

werewolves real legends

Werewolf kit. What is supposed to be a werewolf research kit.  Werewolves; a kit like this could have actually been produced and used for research of werewolves. Dating back possibly hundreds of years it was not far fetched to find people who...

werewolf statue 81

werewolf figure

A life size werewolf statue! Now that is a costume! Measuring out at over 6 feet tall this life size werewolf is a high quality creation of a common “movie lycan.” Want one? Act fast, the website of the makers of this...

werewolf sightings 5

werewolf sightings

How many boats do you see that are named werewolf? Not often that people call anything werewolf. I thought this was cool and thought I would share. My werewolf sighting is of a boat named  werewolf.

Shelter for the cursed 64

Shelter for the cursed

We seek shelter in many places. We look for comfort all around us. When the time comes we will find our home, we will find our place in the world. Werewolves have always managed to keep themselves hidden from most dangers, it...