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Can vampires shapeshift too? 25

Can vampires shapeshift too?

It is interesting that one of the similarities between werewolves and vampires as noted in books and literature and history is the vampire’s so-called ability to shapeshift or transform. Most literature which references this ability of the vampire, typically cites a few...

How have werewolves survived? 9

How have werewolves survived?

There is evidence that werewolves existed even before vampires, so how have they survived over the centuries without becoming extinct? The answer is their ability to blend in with humans. Much of the time they can live among humans unseen. They do...

wolf packs 488

wolf packs

Wolf pack pictures such as this one give insight into the hierarchy of the wolf pack structure. A new wolf pack is often formed among a family around the alpha male and the alpha female. The structure is the social order of...

american werewolf in london 20

the stranger in the street

All werewolves are not completely covered in fur. Many look very similar to humans. They could be a friend, a neighbor, someone in your family. They could be a stranger you pass in the street. There are tell-tale signs, but most werewolves...

Tips for new Shapeshifters 29

Tips for new Shapeshifters

Relaxation One of the main things to remember for new shapeshifters about to do their first transformation is to relax. Especially if it is an involuntary transformation many things that are potentially unpleasant will start to happen. You must breathe deeply, focus...

Werewolf stories 26

Werewolf stories

Learn about werewolves and read werewolf stories in our werewolf books section where you can read werewolf books and online!