Monthly Archive: October 2009

american werewolf in london 18

Happy Halloween!

Werewolves go out and enjoy halloween! You are unlikely to be noticed today with all the costumes, masks, and craziness out there! So get out and have some fun! Happy halloween everybody!

Costume Ideas 2

Costume Ideas

Halloween is almost here so for those of you who are still looking for costume ideas to dress up as, here are some last minute suggestions. The easiest costume idea is to use a mask. You can use makeup, or opt for...

werewolf clothing commercial 10

werewolf clothing commercial

Here’s a funny video for clothing for werewolves from the “Men’s Wearwolf” that give “fashionable” options for the every-day werewolf. Yes, I said clothing for werewolves! Pretty funny – if just plain weird – “commercial” video. Clothing for Werewolves – watch more...

an american werewolf in london halloween movie 2

American Werewolf in London Full Moon Edition

This halloween, werewolves are being rereleased in High Definition! At the beginning of this month, the Blu-Ray special edition of An American Werewolf in London was released. The movie is a digitally remastered “Full Moon Edition” of AWIL which includes a feature...

Vampire Hunter Costume 1

Vampire Hunter Costume

There shouldn’t be many people on this site that want werewolf hunter costumes, so thought I’d pass along some ideas for a popular “hunter” costume – the vampire hunter! To make a “traditional” vampire hunter costume that people would recognize, you could...

werewolf shirt 4

werewolf band video and tee

The band, Bullet For My Valentine, has what appears to be a werewolf t-shirt in their official shop. If this is the werewolf shirt you have always been looking for you can find it by visiting their official shop. Watch their werewolf...

New Moon Werewolf Transformation 7

New Moon Werewolf Transformation

Most werewolf fans are highly critical of werewolf transformation scenes in movies. For the record, to date, one of the best scenes ever is still the transformation scene from An American Werewolf in London.  The movie New Moon has attempted to have...

canine werewolf fangs 2

Werewolf costumes: fangs

Alot of people right now are searching for werewolf costumes, and the werewolf fang is part of it.  Werewolf fangs typically look very scary – you’ll see sharp canine teeth on both the top and the bottom, whereas vampires typically only have...

Shiver 87


Something new and interesting is emerging for werewolf fans. The book titled Shiver, written by Maggie Stiefvater will soon be transformed into a movie. The book is a love story about a girl that loves a boy who is a werewolf. The...

werewolf paw shoes 6

Werewolf Paw Shoes

An artist named Bob Basset out of the Ukraine is an expert leather craftsman, and has imagined a really cool concept for (werewolf) shoes. His creation is the leather paw shoes which are amazingly realistic looking. The shoes, crafted of leather, have...