2012 year in review!

new years eveIt’s the last day of 2012! It has been a great year, and next year will be even better.  😉
If you missed anything this year, here’s a quick recap:

1. Werewolves were all over the movies. This year saw the release of Breaking Dawn (featuring the werewolf Jacob Black), Hotel Transylvania (an animated movie about Dracula and featuring other famous “monsters” including werewolves!), Underworld 4: Awakening (in 3D), as well as the lesser known Korean film A Werewolf Boy.

2.  Don’t forget about books and novels! Famous author Anne Rice made a comeback with werewolves in her new book The Wolf Gift.

3.  In 2012….the final list of werewolf elders ended up being the following… (who will the elders be in 2013??):

1.  Tia
2.  william
3.  Gabrielwolf2012
4.  Angel
5.  Ashley
6.  reptile
7.   Wolfboy96
8.  Gold
9.  wolfgirl6
10. mvbaurqfiorg

4.  Governments came out and started delving into areas most often left to authors – the United States government denied the existence of mermaids and then went on to deny the existence of zombies! The Canadian government showed how to give CPR during a zombie apocalypse…making everyone wonder, are werewolves next on the government’s list?

5.  Chupacabra sightings remained steady – including more in Texas and some in the Ukraine!

6.  Spike TV offered a legitimate prize of $10 million to anyone who can prove the existence of bigfoot!

7.  The Japanese created interactive plants.

8.  There were 13 full moons in 2012 (including 2 in August)…compare that to 2013 in which we will just see 12 full moons!

9.  Friends of ILoveWerewolves have shared their creations with us –  like the book Werewolves: Myth, Mystery, and Magick.  🙂

10.  Vampire sightings continued, and in Serbia, a village even put out a public health warning on the threat!

11.  Proof of vampires astounded many when a vampire skeleton was found in Bulgaria!



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