Monthly Archive: January 2013

bakeneko 12


The shapeshifting cat of Japanese legend is called the bakeneko (化け猫) – pronounced “bah-kay-nay-ko”.The interesting thing about this shapeshifter is that their original form is that of a cat, and their transformed form is that of a human! Legends vary surrounding how...

kitsune 35


The kitsune is a Japanese shapeshifting fox. It is a different type of shapeshifter from a werewolf with interesting abilities, among which include the ability to create illusions that can be mistaken from the real thing, and the ability for a type of mind control.

zombies vs vampires 2

zombies vs vampires in under 2 minutes!

Good Morning everyone! If it’s a cold gloomy day where you are too, perhaps you need something to dispel that mild case of Cabin Fever you have! Here’s a quick animated short I found…less than two minutes and you should be in...

leshy 1

leshy – a Slavic shapeshifter

There are other types of shapeshifters in lore and legend besides werewolves – in Slavic mythology for example, there exists the Leshy. The leshy is a shapeshifting creature that lives in the forest and is not likely to be found far from...

moon vs sun 5

moon vs sun

Many people think of the sun and moon as being opposites, and to some extent this is true.  Since the moon can play such a strong role in the life of a werewolf, it’s important to understand the similarities and differences between...

talking werewolf 18

can werewolves in werewolf form talk?

When a werewolf has physically shifted into werewolf form, are they capable of human speech?  This question is quite controversial for humans.  While one would think there would be a simple answer to this question, in truth, it actually depends on the...

what if the world believed in supernatural 6

what if the world believed?

I wonder what the world would be like if people believed in the mysterious, the unknown, the supernatural, or the incredible. If people believed that the world was more than just science and facts, would they be more likely to be accepting...

full-moon-calendar-2013 26

Full Moon Calendar 2013

There are 12 full moons this year, and the dates of this year’s full moons will be different from last year.  The reason for this is because the lunar cycle only lasts twenty-nine days, meaning that each year the moon becomes whole...

the wolverine movie poster 4

werewolf movies 2013

2013 looks like it’s going to be the year of the superhero – movies like Iron Man, Man of Steel, and Thor are coming out.  Yes, it’s true, werewolves have done better at the box office in prior years, but have no...

night sky viewing 0

night sky viewing 2013

Here are a few nighttime celestial events to put on your calendar for 2013! The first night sky event is available for viewing tonight, so if you’re lucky enough to have a clear view of the sky, look up, you may just...