3 things I would ask a zombie

ask zombieIf I met a zombie, I’d have so many things to ask him or her.  Things that they don’t really tell you in movies.  Things that I could guess at, but would really like to know.  But there are 3 main thinngs I would ask a zombie.

1. How long do you live?
It’s not really clear. I mean, we assume that a zombie lives forever, but their skin is rotting off their bodies. Doesn’t this give them a life span of some amount of time? And what happens as the skin rots? We know they continue to live, but what if part of their body got so rotten it fell off, would they continue to live? I assume so. But what if that part of them was so big that it only left half their body. At what point would the zombie stop “living”? Could, for example, their head (brain intact) be the only thing left alive, sitting on the ground, chomping away at things?

2. What started the rumor that you love brains?
Zombie are more complex than just brain-loving creatures. But for some reason, that is what they’re primarily known for – loving brains. What started this and why? And how much does a zombie really love brains?

3. What are you afraid of?
The answer to this question would be very interesting. Are they smart enough to be afraid of anything? If zombies are not smart, they would answer the question “nothing”. Being afraid of something requires thought and pondering, and a belief that you have some kind of limitation. If a zombie is afraid of nothing, it might imply that they just don’t think or ponder anything. That their minds are completely empty.  Now on the other hand, if the zombie is afraid of something, that’s an instant acknowledgement that they do indeed think things.



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  1. lonewolf123 says:

    How would they talk if they are so dumb?

  1. March 14, 2011

    […] do zombies eat […]

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