4 Bone-Chilling Halloween Songs

It won’t come as a surprise to most that some of the scariest and or mostbone-chilling halloween songs iconic Halloween songs ever created came from Hollywood movies. Here is a list of some of the most legendary songs ever released that, often times, strike fear into mind of the listener…

1. The 1978 Halloween movie theme song. Envisioned by the creator of the Halloween movie himself, John Carpenter, this classic is score is iconic and arguably unbeatable by any other horror film ever produced.

2. The Monster Mash. Originally released in the 1960’s, the song was written by Bobby “Boris” Pickett and hit number one on the music charts during the Halloween holiday that very same year.

3. Psycho movie theme song. The original Psycho movie was created from the visionary mind of the legendary Alfred Hitchcock. Hitchcock hand picked Bernard Herrmann to produce the score for this iconic horror movie soundtrack.

Most notable of the soundtrack is the “shower scene” in the movie Psycho. This piece is recognized as a bone chilling sound that will make the bravest person squirm in their seat!

4. The Exorcist movie theme song. In 1973 a movie so scary that many dared not to watch… and to this day many of those same people dare never to watch it again. This movie is so scary that in some instances towns around the world banned the release of the movie. The Exorcist horror movie has been dubbed the “scariest movie of all time” by several different outlets.



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