5 reasons werewolves are better than vampires

Let’s just face the facts – while vampires are intriguing, there is no denying that werewolves are way better! Here are 5 reasons that stand on their own as to why werewolves are better than vampires:

1. Hair
If there’s one thing that werewolves unquestionably have better than vampires, it is hair!  A werewolf’s hair beats a vampire’s hair hands down every time! This tends to have something to do with the “wolf” aspect of their nature – most werewolves do not transform into a fur-covered beast (although there are some that do) – instead, during transformation, the hair on a werewolf’s head benefits from the “wolf” characteristic – the result is that a werewolf’s hair tends to be thick, full, and glossy!

Vampire hair on the other hand is pretty much unremarkable…some vampire tales suggest that vampire hair is pretty much stuck at whatever length it was when they became a vampire…never getting shorter or longer.  There are very few other qualities that legends, myths, or stories tell of vampire hair.

2.  Transformations
Werewolves are renowned for their ability to transform.  Interestingly, however, vampires also have some legends which tell of their abilities to transform.

So, whose transformations are better?  In the battle transformations, the werewolf always comes out on top!  Werewolves that fully transform can transform into the wild and noble wolf!  And vampires?  Well, according to legends, vampire transformations are limited to bats and mist.  Which would you want to transform into?!
reasons werewolves are better than vampires
3.  Diet
Werewolves are live creatures, and while they prefer a meat-based diet, they can really eat anything! Their diets are not limited. There are some of course that crave particular foods (varieties of meats), but really, to survive, anything will do for the werewolf. Vampires on the other hand, according to virtually all legends, require blood – preferably human blood – to survive. Some legends say that vampires can’t even eat regular food!

4.  Skin Temperature
Werewolves are warmblooded. Their skin feels warm to the touch, and they generate alot of heat naturally. In fact, many werewolves prefer to live in colder climates just for this reason. To a human, the touch of a werewolf feels warm and comforting! Vampires on the other hand, by most legendary accounts, have unnaturally cold skin. Vampires are not live creatures, rather they are “undead”, so unless they’ve recently eaten, a touch from a vampire feels foreign and uncomfortably frosty. To most humans, the vampires’ touch is too cold to be comfortable, while the warmth of a werewolf’s touch is appealing and attractive and feels much more “alive” than a vampire’s touch.

5. Compassion
Let’s put it this way, if you were trapped and had to beg for your freedom from either a werewolf or a vampire – you would stand a much greater chance of success with a werewolf. Because werewolves live as human much of the time, they understand what it is to be human. They can often be appealed to on a human level. Vampires on the other hand, have little regard for humans, considering themselves nothing of the sort, and in fact a human’s pleas or cries for help are often ignored by the vampire. This is not to say that all werewolves are friendly, far from it. Many things can play into a werewolf’s compassion including hunger, how you’ve treated the werewolf in the past, if the full moon is out, and the werewolf’s general feeling about you.



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2 Responses

  1. Darigaaz says:

    1. Vampires have better hair because, transformed, werewolves have fur. Vampires will have better hair since they’ve had a lot of time to get it right (immortal).
    2. Some vampires can transform into hybrid bat-human, they can fly. Vampires have multiple transformations while werewolves have maybe 4.
    3. People are starving all of the world, blood is fairly plentiful as far as just humans are concerned.
    4. To each their own, some people would prefer the cold touch of a vampire, but not many.
    5. Compassion really depends on if the werewolf is completely beastial or not and if it can even speak any human language. Vampires do not have compassion for humans like we have compassion for lobsters.

  2. I disagree with you darigaaz

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