5 things werewolves and vampires have in common

1. Charisma

Humans find both werewolves and vampires extremely charismatic. Whether or not the werewolf or vampire is physically attractive in the traditional sense, humans still find themselves drawn to their natural charm. This is in part by design, as the charisma can serve as a masking device to hide themselves in plain sight among humans.  It also serves to lure unsuspecting humans in which can be used to relax humans and get them to do their bidding.

2. Alphas

Both vampires and werewolves are alphas.  By this I mean that they are inherently leaders and are the dominant force within a group of their own kind. They are self-confident, and when necessary, can be assertive.  It should be noted however, that among human groups and gatherings, both werewolves and vampires often take a passive/back seat role preferring to watch than insert themselves as leaders within the human group,;  werewolves and vampires know what is worth their time and energy, and what is not.

3. Territorial

Both weres and vamps often claim territory; they are aware of who and what is within their territory, and defend it as necessary.

4.  Nocturnal

This is not to say that either vampires or werewolves are exclusively nocturnal.  Both simply prefer nighttime and darkness, and both are more active during those times. Werewolves find their calling when the moon is full, while vampires find themselves more relaxed when the sun is hidden.

5.  Intelligence

To underestimate a werewolf or a vampire is deadly – their intelligence is one of their greatest strengths.  Both weres and vamps value knowledge, and are constantly searching for answers and truths. This search often starts as a means to learn about themselves, then develops into a method to protect themselves and survive, and eventually this thirst for – and retention of – knowledge becomes a natural part of who they are.



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