6 Werewolf Commercials

I guess TV Advertisers believe that vampires are either more popular – or possibly more comedic than werewolves – because there seem to be more vampire commercials that have been made. There are however still quite a few funny werewolf commercials out there…here are some of them…enjoy!

6 werewolf commercials…

This commercial is pretty good – a bunch of kids sitting around at a round table being interviewed by the AT&T guy in this AT&T commercial…

Another AT&T commercial with a werewolf!? A little strange..is there a theme?

The “inner monster” is brought out by Hershey’s Barnone in this commercial…

“Tame the Beast” commercial from Chef Boyardee.

A werewolf transfromation is featured in this Alka Seltzer commercial from Mexico (1991) directed by Guillermo del Toro.

Sonic made a vampire commercial…and they also made a werewolf commercial? Very strange!



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