7 werewolf costumes anyone can make for halloween

7 werewolf costumes that are easy to makeSo you love to dress up as a werewolf for halloween? Who doesn’t! But where do you start?

If you’re wanting to show up at your fall party as a werewolf that others might recognize, here are a few ideas of famous movie werewolves which your friends and family will remember from film.  The best part of dressing up as a “recognizable” werewolf, is that you can do the costume in human form if you choose! This means that these costumes are incredibly easy to make from things you probably already have in your closet!!

Many of the characters listed below have a wardrobe staple that helps them stand out.  Grab the clothing…and maybe some fangs or claws to show the werewolf transformation just starting to happen, and get the party started! 😉

  1.  David Kessler – An American Werewolf in London
    david kessler awil

    David Kessler, An American Werewolf in London

    • Though it’s an older movie, this is perhaps the most famous movie werewolf on this list by far! You can dress up as a human and be pretty recognizable by horror fans – the costume is pretty basid: a puffy down jacket (preferably red), and a backpack.
  2.  Ellie – Cursed
    Ellie from the movie Cursed

    Ellie from the movie Cursed

    • Wes Craven cast Christina Ricci in this horror film as one of the main characters who (spoiler alert!) at the end starts to turn into a werewolf! Long black here and a black shirt and top is probably all you’ll need!
  3. Michael Corvin – Underworld
    • Tousled blond hair, a casual look, and a hoodie is all you need for this costume!
  4. Ginger Fitzgerald – Ginger Snaps
    • Long one length hair with highlights and a “goth” look. You’ve got it!
  5. Lawrence Talbot – The Wolfman
    Lawrence Talbot the wolfman

    Lawrence Talbot from the movie The Wolfman

    • If you like to dress a little more formal, this one is for you – Talbot was supposedly from the late 1800s so the dress is a bit more dated – you might try a long coat, old fashioned tie, and collared shirt.
  6.  Scott Howard – Teen Wolf
    • Yellow basketball jersey and/or letterman jacket is the iconic look you want to go for.
  7. Laurie – Trick ‘R Treat
    Laurie Trick R Treat

    Laurie from the movie Trick ‘R Treat

    • Little red riding costume – throw in some fangs for good measure!

Michael Corvin from the movie Underworld

Michael Corvin from the movie Underworld

Ginger Snaps

Ginger from Ginger Snaps

Scott Howard Teen Wolf

Scott Howard from the movie Teen Wolf



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