A and B are evil

Think of it as having two options for your life. “Option A” and “Option B”. Option A can bring you joy! You get to make decisions for yourself and not have them made for you. You are in complete control of option A, you can go to your desires without hesitation or resistance from anything. Option A is the way we all want to go, there is no doubt that if each and every person was presented with the two options and was able to choose, option A would be the first choice. Your head is clear, thoughts clear and present, you are able to control yourself and nothing can stop you. You know and remember your past, you can control your future.

Then there is option B. You may or may not have had the choice, but you may be living option B right now. You cannot control your future, you have no recollection of the past or present, at times yes, but it is very rare. You wont realize what has or may have happened to you, you may never know the truth. The difference between right and wrong is not for you to decide. All anyone will be able to tell you is that they cannot help, you have to help yourself. How? If we knew the answer the disease wouldn’t exist. If we knew how to control it you would be able to without problems and you would be living Option A not B. Some of us are on A, some on B, they are both evil, both create evil, exist in an evil world. Options A and B both create the truth  and destroy it with the same hand. Which side will you be on? Which side are you on?  Do you control your future? Can you remember your past?

I can’t.



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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31 Responses

  1. Julie says:

    is it bad if a human is talking to all you….i hope not

  2. Julie says:

    cuz no one ever talks to me lol i just wanna learn more

  3. TaYlOr WoLf PaCk says:

    Julie, it is not bad that your human, you are not the only human on here.
    and if i can help with anything, let me know.

  4. AlIkA wOlF says:

    You seem like a good person Julie, and do want to help you in any way i can.
    ps. im a werewolf

  5. Julie says:

    i just am gonna flat out say i wanan be a werewolf i wanan live in two world to see wat both sides think and to help everyone i wanna be different from people so do you know a way i can be like you pleease i am really young idk if that has to do with anything lol

  6. darkmoonman says:

    Maybe this is why my bloodtype is AB.

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