A werewolf is pure evil

I heard this question asked.

What drives a werewolf?

The evil within the werewolf drives him. Do not compare the werewolf to a regular wolf to make a comparison. The werewolf is driven by evil, the most evil of all evils. What drives him to kill is evil, what drives him to transform is evil, everything a werewolf is or does is evil. There is no middle ground, there are no “nice” werewolves. If a werewolf in werewolf form meets another werewolf while eating they DO NOT have a picnic.  They never invite each other to lunch or a midnight snack. If a  werewolf meets anything alive they do not show any mercy, the evil within the werewolf causes him to kill and not to think if he should kill. A werewolf is pure evil



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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  1. hmm thats tough, remember some hide behind masks look for the ones who seem possibly attatched to you

  2. suki says:

    masks no he looked like a amiture at it but before he left me to give up i saw some papper in his back pocket i think it sayd something about bringing me somewhere then to kill my famly

  3. SNOW CAT/WOLF says:

    sabre im a friend of joker wolfs

  4. I know you are Snow Cat, I can smell the stench of Joker on you hehe

  5. SNOW CAT/WOLF says:

    haha sam s my cuz btw

  6. SNOW CAT/WOLF says:


  7. Jason says:

    any1 on?

  8. Jason says:



    i need a new gf im lonly

  10. Jason says:

    Sorry no luck w/ me lol

  11. Hachina says:


    U mind going on MSN for a sec? lol XD



  13. Jason says:

    wats evry1’s msn thingy
    mines already up

  14. lee ann says:

    ‘ello everyone, found the perfect dress for the ritual so happy!

  15. lee ann says:

    if anyone is here of course ha

  16. Jason says:

    hey leeann

  17. lee ann says:

    hellllooo heh

  18. lee ann says:

    hows it going?

  19. lee ann says:


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