Here are some werewolf links we want to share with you! …If you want to be added your site must be about werewolves or vampires, zombies, etc (with some exceptions).

Please visit all of our friends!

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Things that aren’t werewolvs…

Big Foot’s Blog

Project Windigo – (music)

Lone Star Travelers – Travels and Adventures in Texas and Beyond

Simple Movie Review – Movie review website.

Costumes of – Costumes website.


The werewolf Page– A great resource for werewolf related stuff, including information on fiction and popular culture.

The Werewolf’s Guide To Life– A book of necessity for all werewolves, if you don’t have it… get it!

Werewolf-Movies– Probably the most comprehensive databases of werewolf movies you will find! Really.

Werewolf Convention– aka Werecon, a yearly convention for werewolves. for werewolves


Dracula’s Crypt of Collectibles

Love Vampires: A site dedicated to Vampire fiction


Beast of Bray Road


Defenders of Wildlife

International Wolf Center

Horror sites/ Halloween

Horror Web– Soo many Horror movie reviews and other stuff to check out! Everything horror!

Werewolves – Believe It!

Horrorfind– Awesome directory for horror/Halloween related stuff!

Share a link with us! If you have a werewolf related site or are a werewolf fan or  and have a personal werewolf page you want included- send the your link to us! Be sure you link back to us too!


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