American Idol Vampires

Last night American Idol dressed up the finalists as vampires!  It was the strangest thing I’ve seen American Idol do in a while.  Dressed up the idols did make pretty good vampires.  Their look makes it obvious that Twilight vampires have become the image that everyone now has when they think of vampires.  The scene was even filmed in a forest which definitely made me think of Twilight.  The video was for a Ford commercial and was partly serious, partly comedy. At one point the car’s driver opens up a pizza box that says it has “Extra Garlic” on it, and that makes the vampires go away. Ha ha. Here the video is.



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13 Responses

  1. lee ann says:

    lets classify this under E for EPIC!!! I love the blonde dude niiceee and American idol is just a yay in my books. This movie couldve been crap and i wouldve loved it XD

  2. Jeremy says:

    Anyone on? well anyway this well whatever it is is nice and funny.

  3. really weird commercial!

  4. lee ann says:

    i think its cool! come on gotta hand it to them for a singing show they did a good special effects job

  5. Very cool. I have not watched American Idol this season. As a novice writer about vampires and shapeshifters. I am very interested in all of the popular interest about the vampire genre, including the Twilight Series.

  6. lee ann says:


  7. luluwolf says:

    twighlight is a miraclae movie lol

  8. lee ann says:

    miraculously bad…

  9. pklett92 says:

    um if your looking for inspiration i would drift more in the direction of shapeshifting. Its pretty amazing what you can find in these books, and the author really captures the emotions, and difficulties these serene creatures face all the time. Blood and chocolate is a great book to read that was a more real, but slightly earlier version of the new twilight saga. Though i have forgotten the name of the books there are also countless fictional fantasies you can find that show the shifter being able to take any shape they desire. Whether as the antagonist or the protagonist these bad boys keep the pages rolling.

    I shiat you not

    Dark blessings

  10. werewolfdude123 says 'twilight sucks. ' says:

    twilight is a disgrace to the vampire and werewolf race.

  11. Loked says:

    Oh, The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor is a really good book, eclisealpy if you like Alice in Wonderland.The Lioness Quartet by Tamora Pierce (or anything by her) was a really good (and a really fast) read. The Lost Years of Merlin by T. A. Barron was a good series but the first book was good on it’s own, too. (The romance doesn’t come until a few books in and it’s not in your face, it’s subtle)Faerie Wars, Purple Emperor, Ruler of the Realm and Faerie Lord by Herbie Brennan are good too. I really enjoyed them.There’s always the Artemis Fowl books too, those are fun but there’s not much romance.*shrug* Hope you like at least one of them :/

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