American Pie Presents Beta House

There are rumors that a new “American Pie” film is set to be released maybe in ’08. The newest title will be American Pie presents Beta House.

Now, there is no reason to create buzz for a movie that will go straight to dvd, but like it or not the first installment of the American Pie trilogy- is a classic!! The quality of the series went downhill from there but don’t most sequels? The last release from the straight to dvd collection I believe was American Pie presents The Naked Mile, preceded by American Pie presents Band Camp, the unrated versions of course! Both movies to me were those stupid funny movies that you watch to pass the time and to be slightly entertained.

Sort of like this post.

Which actually, is not funny at all.

SkinWalkers comes out in theaters today! What is SkinWalkers?


Werewolves Vampires Zombies



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2 Responses

  1. morinn says:

    as a reply to your comment, yessss the barfee is a cake made of milk! it tastes yummY! 😀

  2. KitchiLupe (TheChocolateChipFox) says:

    @Morinn um barfee? I’ve never heard of it lol I kinda want to try one someday lol ^.^

    @Buddy yolo this is quite a decent post lol and I might introduce myself to the “American Pie” series, and set it in my list for after I finish watching Skin Walkers. Lol

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