American Werewolf

The American Werewolf in the World

Among werewolves, the American Werewolf is typically seen as a wilder, more reckless, bolder type of werewolf than those from other countries.  The American Werewolf does not have the reserve or patience of their European or South American counterparts, and tend to base their actions more on feeling rather then generations of decorum.  They typically do not let rules dictate their actions.  This is one reason why typically many of the werewolf sightings that are reported are from the United States.

Sightings – hoax or real?

Th American werewolf is however lucky in that most American humans do not typically believe in the true existence of werewolves.  A werewolf that shows himself to humans in the United States is often confronted with the reaction of disbelief.  Hollywood is such a big part of American culture, that Americans go straight to the idea that anything they are seeing is a Hollywood hoax or a halloween costume or a commercial bid for attention.  So the sighting is disregarded.  Meaning, although it is in the nature of the American Werewolf to flaunt the rules and expose him or herself for what he or she really truly is, it is unlikely this would cause the werewolf community to be exposed to humans.  In other countries however, sightings are often tied in with local legends that go back generations.  Legends that locals believe in as truth.  If a werewolf from another country were to show him / herself to humans as much as the American werewolf did, then werewolves would be in serious trouble of truly being believed in and being hunted. This means that in many ways the American werewolf leads an easier existence than most other werewolves.


The American Werewolf can most likely attribute its ancestry to Europe.  During the European colonization of the Americas, some European werewolves did come to the Americas.  They however were actually not the first when they arrived…the werewolf was already present and in local legends and beliefs.  In fact, the Native Americans had actually known of the werewolf and shapeshifters long before the European werewolves showed up with the colonizers.


The term “American Werewolf” is very popular in Hollywood as it has been immortalized by the movie directed by John Landis entitled an American Werewolf in London (AWIL). The movie, which did much to bring the werewolf out of obscurity and onto the big screen, was directed by John Landis. It tells the story of an American backpacker that gets bitten by, and becomes a werewolf.



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  1. The Lie Detector says:

    And oh by ths way dark, and all the rest of you, im NOT new here, been here all along for while now. Just chose to remain silent for a while and now im tired of being silent. I use to go by the name of that thing that Indians use to catch their good dreams in….. Remember?

  2. Lie detector- Where were you for that while?And why couldn’t you just have stayed there?

  3. White wolf says:

    @ werewolf101
    -how long have you been a shifter?

  4. Shadow Hunter says:

    For about a year or two. Why? And I can’t physicaly shift yet. But i’ve been working on it. My friend thinks so to. My reflexes have increased and my sight and hearing too.

  5. Shadow Hunter says:

    Is anybody on at this time? I haven’t been on this page since wolf-boy was on. He never gets on anymore. Nor texts me. Lolz. He said I was annoying but I still miss him. 🙁 Maybe he will get back on one day. 🙁

  6. Shadow Hunter says:

    Btw, this is WereWolf101. I just changed my username. 😆 🙂

  7. chris M.V. says:

    @WereWolf101: i belive that werewolves are real and if you are one you can leran to control it…hopefully

  8. Shadow Hunter says:

    Lol. I have. 🙂 It has become much easier for me & I am now in my friends pack. Everything is working out perfectly.

  9. violeta says:

    ummm im confused between the information they gave us . and i do believe in yall but still want proof ,how this could even happen . it seems wierd and u seem a little young like me ( im only 12 too)….

  10. alpha omega beta says:

    actually you have to be bitten by an alpha to become a werewolf and you would be a beta to begin with.I in fact i’am almost positive i was born werewolf.i no all the facts i study lycanthropolagy .for tho who do not have an amzing mind like me that mean the study of werewolfism ok.

  11. actually you don’t have to be bitten by an alpha werewolf to become one, looks lyc (pun intended) you’d better study up. these is no one who knows more about a werewolf than an elder. I’m an alpha and I punished a guy who turned his girlfriend. he was an omega.

  12. lie detector is fueled by a toxic chemicals called prickiness
    and he’s releasing a chemical called ass hole factor.

  13. darn it my comments got sent here instead

  14. Theshadowstalker says:

    You are others like me right?

  15. Lycanhope says:

    @Theshadowstalker: Well the few people above are idiot children trying to be something they deem as cool, don’t think that’s what you mean though.
    Very few are wolves.

  16. TheLoneWolf says:


  17. TheLoneWolf says:

    and that was to lie detector

  18. Roxane Billiot says:

    I live in a small business rural community in North Central Florida , I’m interested to find out where the nearest Wolf Pack to my location . I’ve been reading a lot about werewolves and really, really interested in meeting one.

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