American Werewolf

The American Werewolf in the World

Among werewolves, the American Werewolf is typically seen as a wilder, more reckless, bolder type of werewolf than those from other countries.  The American Werewolf does not have the reserve or patience of their European or South American counterparts, and tend to base their actions more on feeling rather then generations of decorum.  They typically do not let rules dictate their actions.  This is one reason why typically many of the werewolf sightings that are reported are from the United States.

Sightings – hoax or real?

Th American werewolf is however lucky in that most American humans do not typically believe in the true existence of werewolves.  A werewolf that shows himself to humans in the United States is often confronted with the reaction of disbelief.  Hollywood is such a big part of American culture, that Americans go straight to the idea that anything they are seeing is a Hollywood hoax or a halloween costume or a commercial bid for attention.  So the sighting is disregarded.  Meaning, although it is in the nature of the American Werewolf to flaunt the rules and expose him or herself for what he or she really truly is, it is unlikely this would cause the werewolf community to be exposed to humans.  In other countries however, sightings are often tied in with local legends that go back generations.  Legends that locals believe in as truth.  If a werewolf from another country were to show him / herself to humans as much as the American werewolf did, then werewolves would be in serious trouble of truly being believed in and being hunted. This means that in many ways the American werewolf leads an easier existence than most other werewolves.


The American Werewolf can most likely attribute its ancestry to Europe.  During the European colonization of the Americas, some European werewolves did come to the Americas.  They however were actually not the first when they arrived…the werewolf was already present and in local legends and beliefs.  In fact, the Native Americans had actually known of the werewolf and shapeshifters long before the European werewolves showed up with the colonizers.


The term “American Werewolf” is very popular in Hollywood as it has been immortalized by the movie directed by John Landis entitled an American Werewolf in London (AWIL). The movie, which did much to bring the werewolf out of obscurity and onto the big screen, was directed by John Landis. It tells the story of an American backpacker that gets bitten by, and becomes a werewolf.



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310 Responses

  1. zach says:

    lol well then come to that site i posted, and ill fill you in.

  2. I dont have the right system to go there…… 🙁

  3. zach says:

    lol ok then, ill fill you in here, what kinda system you have? and well first, there are 10 fazes of preshift to get your body ready, you dont just randomly shift.

  4. My werewolf friend can shift whenever she wants. Am i gonna be able to control my shifting?

  5. zach says:

    yes yes, its like changing cloths, sept verry painful, at first, but it gets alot better, the 10 fazes is just the beinging part, then you shift then you will beable to shift when you want, but the first time, you will pass out

  6. I use to pass out all the time!!! Does that mean i shifted?

  7. zach says:

    no no, lol you will start shifting, and then the pain will over whelm you, and wou will pass out,

  8. is there a time when your first shift will be cuz this werewolf is trying to get me so if he does get me i want to defnd myself.

  9. hello? anyone there?

  10. Lee Ann says:

    @Zach, seriously you still use xat? 😛 @Lie Detector, Idk who you are or where you came from but your kind of like awesome 😀

  11. The Lie Detector says:

    The first sign of being clinical is denial. They need to start a WA group for ya’ll. Lol.

    As for those of you that continually cuss thinking that it will effect me in the slightest, have at it.

    To those of you that stupidly open yourself up to think that “playing like your a werewolf” is anything compaired to a believing in God, ur really mental. That would be like me saying cause you think your a werewolf, that u must be a devil wanna be.

    Next your gonna tell me that you think that the Easter Bunny is real. And Friday the 13th’s Jason is real to?

    Have fun coming up with you brilliant responces….. Lmao

  12. You can believe what you want but werewolves are real. If you are going to hate on us like this you shouldnt be here!

  13. The Lie Detector says:

    @WereWolf101: correction, there is no rule that you have to believe in the crap that your spitting out. I have just as much right to be here as you do. So don’t even act like you are something like special! Your just a 15 year old kid that thinks your cool getting on this site and trying to convince people in here that your a shifter. im amused.

  14. First of all im 12. And i can shift! Stop causing trouble around here!

  15. Lee Ann says:

    I really don’t think he’s causing any trouble as much as he is calling shenanigans (and rightfully so).

  16. The Lie Detector says:

    As if you scare me with your words of text. Lmao. and its you starting your own trouble. If I was to walk around claiming to be a werewolf, I would expect no less that people telling me I needed mental help. So get use to it kid.

    And for those of you who will try to tell me to leave it alone and let him say what he wants, well take your own advice. If he has the right to babble bull crap, I have the right to call it bull crap. So enjoy the smell.

  17. Whatever……. >:(

  18. Lunar says:

    -_- This site should have a bullsh1t meter

  19. DaRk says:

    and not for nothing, but “Lie Detector” I don’t really understand why you’re here, I mean everyone’s welcome but, not if they’re quickly going to make judgements and contradict everthing a person says.. yes you are entitiled to your opinion, I get it. but your motive behind this? not really clicking, hahah. why spend all of your time arguing on the internet, do you not have anything better to do? you act all high and mighty so I suppose your just totally hot sh*t right? HAH, pathetic, at best. I do not claim to be a “werewolf” or that
    I can “shift”, but either way, they should be allowed and feel comfortable posting their thoughts on a WEREWOLF BLOG… look, imm actually a” normal kid”, but Ive bern here for two years alongside lee ann and howard..I hate stuck up prisses like you who act all call over the internet and have nothing better to do than too put others down, that’s just lowwwww bro(; imm Alyssa, 15, and a pure jersey girl… but your not picking on 12 year olds, especially whete I can se it…get a life hun..

  20. Lunar says:

    Please disinclude me from your “YOU ALL” post if you don’t mind. I may not be the know it all, but then I don’t pretend to either. However I do know what I speak of when I decide to insert myself into an actual discussion. It is slightly rude to simply accuse us all of not knowing what we speak of.

  21. Lycanhope says:

    @Dark: Ditto what lunar said.

  22. Everybody push of!!!This is a comment page NOT Days of our lives!!!!God,this is the first time in my live that I had to see such crap!!God,grow up!!!

  23. The Lie Detector says:

    @DaRk: practice what you preach. . I dont care how long you have been here, or for what reason, your jumping into the middle of this conversation as if your a judge or something. If you dont have any part of this conversation, how can you say anything to me? You saying that I shouldnt be doing this and shouldnt be doing that! What kinda hypicritica crap is that? If you wanna try to make a name for yourself, try doing something real! Like reading your own post as if someone else wrote it. Then you will see how to hypicritical you sound.

    And for the rest of you that feel the need to preach to me about calling bull crap by its true name, think before you type. Make it good and meaningfull. Thanks

  24. DaRk says:

    Oh aren’t you so intimidating, using your big words and proper language, please.. I might not be the smartest person here, but as I can see, nobody wants to hear your pathetic excuses for truth.. I honestly don’t care if you thibk this is meaningfull or not, but your nothing special coming onto the internet and criticizing YOUNGER kid’s thoughts and beliefs … Thanks.

  25. The Lie Detector says:

    @DaRk: Beliefs? No see most of the problem…. Its not le they said it was a spiritual thing, now see if they were talking in a spiritual realm, I would have said nothing. There talking the physical realm, which means they want people to think that they are really transforming into this physical creature the “werewolf”. I dont knock on spiritual beliefs. The indians have sun gods, the whole world is filled with different spiritual beliefs. Now back in the midevil times of madusa and all the gobblins witches and worlocks, mabye they had a special ability to transform, but things change over time, we dont live to be a couple hundred years old anymore.

    Now if you understand that, you may or may not follow what im saying, either way I tried. So reread what I have written on here, and if you see one place that I have knocked someones religious belief, I will eat my hat, otherwise dont smack on me because your little ploy of sounding ever so modest with that ” not the smartest person here” comment aint gonna work.

    And anyway, my last post discussed hypocrical people. You come on and try to smack on me for doing the exact same thing that you just did. What justification is there in that mentality? Tell me something, did it work?

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