Animated Holiday Gifs for myspace and website!

This is completely off topic, and not about werewolves. 🙁 But, don’t you want to get your myspace page or website set up for the holidays with some animated holiday gifs?  I’ve been searching around and found some good sites (I’m linking you directly to the Christmas GIFs in the sites) like this Christmas Animated Gifs site, although alot of their images are really basic and look just like clipart, but they are animated! Here’s a site (it only has a few gifs) animated holiday gifs they’re a bit better than the previous website and look more like regular images. And finally, here’s another site with much better holiday graphics than the other two. If none of these have the holiday images you’re looking for keep searching, there arent alot of sites that have a huge selection. Do a search for “christmas gifs”, “animated holiday gifs”, or “animated christmas gifs”, and you’ll pull up some good choices. Good luck decorating your myspace and website!



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