Anything is possible, even purple polar bears!

A polar bear in Argentina proved that bears can turn purple! Polar bears are huge creatures weighing over 350 pounds and normally covered in thick, white beautiful fur. One however, proved that that is not always the case – the bear in question was from Argentina and she was named Pelusa. Pelusa was being treated for dermatits, and to everyone’s surprise, the treatment caused her normally white fur to turn purple!

Sadly, this purple polar bear is no longer alive. The bear and her purple fur were headlines back in 2003 when she was alive and being treated in the Mendoza City Zoo in Buenos Aries Argentina. Her fur, which changed color due to the medication spray to cure her skin irritation, was only purple for a few days….they put her on an antiseptic immediately to cure the condition (which it did).

The lesson? Anything is possible, even purple polar bears!



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