Apples new ipod- again

If you haven’t had a chance to buy an Apple ipod at this point don’t do it yet! Hold off just a littlet bit more because Apple will soon announce the new line of ipods around September 5th, 2007. Here is a review of some of the rumors for the plans for the new ipods:

  • a new Apple ipod nano! -a bigger one, not bigger as in “hold more songs” bigger, bigger in size! that is outrageous. Apple could possibly be looking for “more screen” for better enjoyment.  I love my original nano and the songs it holds 🙂  The last upgrade included a new case to allow for more colors.
  • the new ipod – the video ipod could undergo a new touchscreen that will help you better manage your videos and songs, probably something similar to the new iphone.
  • the ipod shuffle, this is the smaller of the ipods; the shuffle is losing ground to its other friends in the ipod family, the shuffle might not get a new style at all! The shuffle had not been released with a screen making it  a music/mp3 player only.

Just hold out before buying your new ipod and wait for the new designs to be released or announced by Apple any day now.



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