Are there werewolves in Missouri? Skeptics want verifiable evidence of Momo Monster and lycans

are there werewolves in missouriEvery now and then people ask if there are any werewolves in Missouri.  Landlocked in the Midwestern United States with in-state geography ranging on everything from mountains to plains to rivers, the state is difficult for outsiders to determine if it has an environment ideal for werewolves.  On the one hand, it seems like surely amongst all the different types of landscape in the state,one would be suitable for lycanthropes!  In fact, the state even has a huge number of caves and is called the “Cave State” – surely those dark, remote, hidden holes are lures for werewolves?! On the other hand, many people think that Missouri is an unlikely spot to house werewolves just for the simple fact that it is in the heartland of America…the home of comfort food, rural farmland, and gentile hospitality  – but Missouri – home of the werewolf? Just doesn’t seem quite right!

Not helping matters further, is the fact that even if werewolves were blatantly roaming the countryside, the indigenous population would be unlikely to believe it – the state’s inhabitants are particularly and specifically renowned for being skeptical! In fact, one of their nicknames (even emblazoned on license plates) is the “Show Me State“! In other words…“There are werewolves in these woods? Show me!”

It is quite surprising therefore, that despite the fact that the state’s tone is set-up to discourage the belief in werewolves and other creatures, there is in fact a very prominent local legend of a hairy man-like creature that has been occasionally spotted along the Mississippi River.  The creature is called the Missouri Monster – or Momo for short.

What does the Momo Monster look like?

It’s not clear exactly what type of creature Momo is.  The most accepted theory is that it is some type of bigfoot or sasquatch.  Another theory is that it’s a “swamp ape”.   Skeptics (including the Missouri Department of Conservation)  theorize that creature the could simply be a black bear, and others think it might be a lone Native American.

The descriptions of the creature are as follows:  it is said to resemble a human and stands 6 – 7  feet tall, has dark (possibly black) hair that covers its whole body including its face, has long arms that come below its knees ending in three-fingered hands, and has a huge round head with no neck.  The creature is also said to smell horrible, and is usually spotted around the Mississippi River.

Is the Momo a werewolf?

To date, noone really knows what the Momo actually is, though few people – if any – have postulated that the creature is a werewolf.  The general consensus is that Momo is a type of bigfoot as physical evidence seems to point in this direction – specifically huge three-toed tracks.  It should however be noted that there are some theories that indicate that bigfoot could in fact be a werewolf.

Quick question…if there is actual physical evidence of the Momo, why don’t people believe in it?

Presented with the physical evidence of actual tracks – skeptics indicate that the tracks are either primate tracks or hoaxes. Of note however, locals who lived through the sightings in the 1970s have been interviewed by news media and remember the time clearly, verifying the stories (though unable to prove their truth).

So, back to the question, are there werewolves in Missouri?

There have been eye-witness accounts over the years of werewolves in Missouri.  If it is therefore true that there are accounts of werewolves in Missouri, why aren’t there more legends and tales of them?  The answer is simple, given the varied terrain and the afore-referenced skeptical population, it would be quite easy for werewolves to live in Missouri unnoticed and unbothered.

Tell me more about Momo (Missouri Monster) sightings…!

The Momo was initially reported as early as 1846.  Subsequently, a rash of sightings was reported in the early 1970s which drew national media attention…specifically, in 1972 eyewitness accounts were reporting the Momo in the town of Louisiana, MO (located in Pike County).  In 1976 the creature was reported to be along the Missouri River in St Charles County, MO.  Although there is no central place to log sightings, the creature is still being seen, with bigfoot researchers being the primary custodian of dates and locations.




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