Are Vampires Ugly?

It depends on who you ask. The stereotypical Vampire is not considered to be ugly, but is rather good-looking – or at least considered to be fairly easy on the eyes. But things are not always as  clear-cut as they seem. Not all Vampires are as good-looking as books and movies depict them to be.  In fact many Vampire’s appearances are more in line with a witch’s steroetypical image in that they are slightly deformed and uglier than a normal human being – or at least uglier than what the average appearance of the general population.

How do Vampires become ugly?

The ugliness of a Vamp is usually indicative of a troubled life;  these events can wear down the appearance of the vampire – for example, a life full of pursuing enemies can harden a vampire’s appearance, making him or her appear ugly, mean, and tough.   And because vampires are not immune to a witch (or human) curse those too can affect the appearance of a vampire in a negative way.  A life filled with “diseases” or “curses” that have been afflicted upon them throughout their life travels can also do much to wear down a vampire’s overall appearance so that he or she is not physically attractive.

The Vampire’s Skin

Although a Vampire is generally considered to be immortal and ageless, the years do affect the skin and the looks of  Vampire as well, sometimes making him or her seem ugly.  Battles create scars, love and broken hearts create unneeded stress which reflect in the face’s appearance, lack of food and famine take a negative toll on the appearance body as well. All of these combine to alter the Vampire’s “pretty” looks.  Vampires are simply not “immune” to the stresses of regular life.  Even though they do indeed heal quickly, they do not always heal back to their original condition and appearance.

Real vampires also often don’t have the pearly, pale complexions of the beautiful vampires depicted in movies.  In fact, because Vamps are incredibly susceptible to the sun’s rays, they can have all sorts of skin problems or abnormal “skin diseases” making them appear ugly.  Sure, a Vampire’s skin is not always “peeling” like a zombie, but it can have it’s own set of problems. For example, warts (like what you would see on a witch) can happen with even the slightest exposure to the sun.

If had a line up of vampires, humans, zombies, and witches, you would most likely be able to figure out who in the group is the Vampire.  You would start by looking for those unique features that Vamps have that clearly set them apart from the rest. Of course the typical sharp fangs are one.  And then you would move on to other features. Be careful however when you get to physical beauty – beauty should not necessarily be one of the main characteristics that you look for. Vampires come in all shapes and sizes, and not all look like the famous physically-perfect Cullen family (a movie depiction mainly for your viewing pleasure).



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