are werewolves afraid of vampires?

Werewolves are not afraid of many things, and although many vampires would like to tell you otherwise, that includes vampires.  So, no, werewolves are not afraid of vampires.

In fact, vampires hold absolutely no special, sway, fear, or power over werewolves whatsoever, despite claims that pop up every now and then to the contrary.  One of the most popular of these claims that lays the foundation of werewolves being afraid of vampires comes in some recent movies that say that werewolves are “slaves” to vampires. Some of this myth started with Bram Stoker’s dracula, that indicated that vampires could control wolves.  From there various novels and movies picked up the theme, and the rumor started to spread.

Another reason the myth that werewolves are afraid of vampires has persisted is because vampires themselves would very much like for humans to believe that werewolves fear them! This works in the vampire’s favor by making humans perceive vampires as the most powerful creature out there.  In a human’s mind, if even the werewolf fears the vampire, then the vampire must be the strongest most powerful creature.  And vampires want to be known as the most powerful creature because many in fact do believe that they are and like to be known as the dominate being.

These claims however are categorically not true, vampires are not something werewolves are afraid of.

And if you think about it, why would a werewolf be afraid?  Werewolves have just as many – if not more – capabilities than vampires – they have strength, speed, and power.  They are not limited to nocturnal activities, and can be in sunlight with no adverse effects.  Also, werewolves are often able to think much more clearly than vampires – because although vampires are often very intelligent, their every move is always dictated and controlled by their unquenchable thirst for blood which often leads to mistakes and misjudgments.



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  5. Todd Foxx says:

    Ok? now who gave you the crazy juice?

  6. spiked wolf says:

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  7. Todd Foxx says:

    She is a little to crazy to have gotten it from juice.

  8. spiked wolf says:

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  12. meaghan says:

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  13. Todd Foxx says:

    Ok then I dont wana know what its sucking on…..

  14. meaghan says:

    eew gross dirty mind much…

  15. Todd Foxx says:

    Yes I know Old habit.

  16. meaghan says:

    aha well i gues they say old habits die hard lmao

  17. spiked wolf says:

    who thinks coffee is awsome!!!!!

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