are werewolves difficult to get along with?

Another common question, are werewolves difficult to get along with?”

This also dependent on many other factors; age, territory, climate, and lifestyle. It is common for vampires to say that they are less of a destructive race, having feelings and emotions that “supposedly” they claim werewolves do not have. But vampires would never let the werewolves have the honor of being a better race, therefore they have to constantly demean all lycans. Most vampires will tell you that they are the “elite,” that werewolves are nothing more than ferocious animals. This is not true, no matter how many vampires claim to be better they know deep down that they are afraid that werewolves will finally transcend into the spotlight of the surreal world. Having many advantages over the vampire including being able to appear in the direct sun light. Werewolves can go where no vampire has gone before, and that is into the human race with; control, strength, heart, and a desire to be more human than vampires ever want to be.

Werewolves are not hard to get along with, they have a very bright future together with humans. But the werewolf does need time alone, time to sort things out, to decide and express feelings that might harm humans. Werewolves need this time to discover who they really are, without forgetting what they are.



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140 Responses

  1. adam says:

    how do u get the emotion face?

  2. Alice says:


  3. adam says:

    ohhhhhhhhh man i was gonna say that!

  4. Alice says:

    Whatever. And what r u? Another wanna-be?

  5. adam says:


  6. adam says:

    r u another wanna-be ?

  7. Alice says:

    No. I am a Vampire for your information.

  8. adam says:

    well okay i have a freind who is a vampire and im a werewolf.

  9. Alice says:

    Why do I have cuts everywhere? I wasn’t fighting.

  10. Hachina says:

    Anyone for parkour? AAAAAAAHHH *splat*

    lol O_o

  11. Dramund says:

    wow. internet went down. thats why I left

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  13. Diane says:

    One of my best friends claims to actually be a werewolf. I’ve been asking questions for months and he always has an answer for any I ask. I conducted a few experiments of my own on him to further prove his claims to myself. I am not quick to believe in this sort of thing, but he has me convinced. If anyone wants to know anything werewolf related, let me know. I can get answers. [email protected]

  14. Hachina says:

    So I herd u liek siens?

    lawl, and hi.

  15. Lobo says:

    My best friend is a vampire un fortunatly he is getting annoying saying that vampires are better than us werewolves

  16. steven says:

    well im a crossbreed im fine w/ both

  17. Yasmin says:

    Hey whats up

  18. woof says:

    i is a werewolf

  19. woof says:

    i likes pie
    but i is a werewolf

  20. Jeff says:

    i is a werewolf. i ken gives u pie in fors.

  21. Jeff says:


    Dogs go woof.


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