are werewolves faster than vampires?

Werewolves. Vampires.

Answer this question:

Who is faster?   The Werewolf or Vampire?

Is a Werewolf faster than a vampire? or Is a Vampire faster than a Werewolf?

(Find out how werewolves move)

Answer who you think is faster, who has the most speed, and tell us why you think the one you choose is faster than the other. One has to be faster than the other, who will it be? The Vampire or the Werewolf?



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166 Responses

  1. @ShadowStalker: you don’t have the speed to outrun a werewolf. Unless you can beat a car. Also you don’t have the endurance to stay ahead of a werewolf nor the agility and senses to.

  2. @Lee Ann: yea vampslayer is a bunch of bull shit huh.

  3. Ok we are NOT faster than vampires ok it is all in the speed of the werewolf or vampire to determine that but the werewolves in my pack are faster than any vampires we have encountered. I was just pointing that out to shadowstalker.

  4. Re searcha I hope you know that werewolves and vampires came before Bram Stoker even was thought of and born. And the werewolf originated in Ireland not England. And vampires are Slavonic. Figures you would not know that.


  5. 1 like already.

    See how much ppl hate you.

  6. Ivanov says:

    @S’bu G: For you to come here and preach about your god to us, shows you have nothing better to do than waste our time. If you believe in your god so much why is that he states “as long as my children accept me as their lord and savior you shall be brought into heaven.”

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