Are werewolves loners or come in packs and colonies?

I have another question about werewolf transformations that I’m not completly understanding.  When a werewolf transforms, do they completely transform into a wolf, or do they transform into a human-wolf hybrid (in other words, do they stand upright and still look like a human, or do they actually transform completely into wolves?)  I myself like to think that werewolves are human-wolf hybrids…but maybe they do transform completely into wolves.   And if werewolves transform completely into wolves, do they run with wolf packs? Do wolves accept them as one of their own?

Here’s what I think – werewolves tranform into a wolf-human hybrid. They are not accepted by real wolves. And they are not accepted by humans either.  But I do think that if a werewolf finds another werewolf they can form packs or colonies.  So yes, maybe werewolf are loners UNTIL they find other werewolves, then they become social.



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  1. nezumi says:

    this one i’m not sure of. it varies by myth though i agree that n human can truely be a wolf. i humans don’t accept werewolfs why would wolfs? i think that as both wolves and humans are social creatures that by naturesois the werewolf so it is liely that they hang out with other werewofs. the more are hunting the more prey they get.

  2. killer die says:

    hi do you think i can git a 5 p/ ster from HELL to be a werewolf
    if i sell myself to HELL or i can… message me

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  3. killer die says:

    and some werewolves go in packs some will not so if it killes a deer it gits all of it ok and some kill in packs so they git more food ok

  4. Angel Wolf says:

    not really, if you kill in a pack the alpha gets first choice, its only when he is full that the others get to eat, and even then it sometimes isnt enough. last week we hardly got any. so if you hunt alone, its an all-for-one buffet.

  5. Angel Wolf says:

    and its easier to find alone

  6. Lone wolf says:

    Is anyone here cause im getting really ticked?!

  7. Lee ann says:

    clearly no one is here. haha

  8. Jay says:

    Its could be. But, it could also go both ways maybe there’s some werewolves that find seclusion better then a pack. Sure a pack would ensue safety, but it would also promote unrest who would lead, what would happen if someone discovers the pack. While a loner of sorts would become the master of disguise a creature that blends in with its environment learning to watch out for itself with no worries. So while I believe some seek a pack I also believe some seek seclusion.

  9. shadow says:

    i think they turn into full wolves and that would explain the attacks on humans.

  10. A Wolf in Disquise says:

    i personally like i stated before after i transform look exactly like a wolf but im pesonally a loner

  11. Lykos says:

    1: european werewolves are the wolf-human hybrid, native american werewolves actually turn into wolves. 2: instincts drive us to form packs, it’s not a choice. 3: we are accepted by wolves, but prefer to be with other werewolves.

  12. Värlôc says:

    some packs join together and form communities.

  13. claira wolf says:

    yo my peeps

  14. claira wolf says:

    yo my peeps

  15. ireallyluvwerewolves says:


  16. ireallyluvwerewolves says:

    wat is up

  17. BlueWerewolf says:

    it varies sometime i turn into a full blown wolf and other times i will turn into a human-wolf hybrid. it mainly changes by how we(werewolves) are feeling if we are feeling very wolfish when we phase we will turn into a wolf but if we are feeling only slightly wolfish then we will turn into a human-wolf hybrid

  18. Breezy says:

    a good way to see what a real werewolf looks like, or atleast my breed, is to look at Jennette brown and christy grandjean’s artwork.

  19. pklett92 says:

    clans maybe…they call it xat these days XD

  20. wow chica your pretty fkin naive… and you got balls to say sht like that

  21. pklett92 says:

    balls of iron, what are you going to do eat them you barbaric fker

  22. yo we could actually befriend eachother… both followers of Satan arent we?

  23. pklett92 says:

    yeah man, and idk about the whole wolf thing for now, but we follow a higher path than that.

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