Are werewolves real?

YES. I am now convinced that werewolves exist or existed in some form and are real.

Here’s my proof:

In almost every ancient culture I look up, I find some reference to some kind of a dog-headed being or “werewolf”. For example, in Greek mythology you have the story of Lycaon (an evil spirit?) who transforms into a wolf. In Latvian mythology you have the Vilkacis – an evil being similar to a werewolf. The Native American legends have a “werecoyote”. You have the German fairy tales Märchen, were people transform. The Serbs and Slovenes believed that certain birthmarks were the indicator of people able to transform (most commonly into wolves). In Russia, even a prince – Prince Vseslav of Polotsk was supposed to be a werewolf who prowled the night.

And seriously, the list goes on and on through every culture that you can think of, there is some kind of reference to a werewolf. So, clearly the question is begging to be asked…are werewolves real?  What I’ve found, is that when there is something like that, that keeps showing up in culture after culture, there is some truth to it. It originated somewhere. Now, I’m not saying that they necessarily exist today – I don’t know, though I imagine they very well might. But I’m saying that they for sure must have existed and have been real at some point. How could every culture have made this up by themselves????  Are werewolves real?  Review the information, then you be the judge.



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2,373 Responses

  1. anonamouse says:

    @Lycanhope: what if she has any idea that she can se keeps telling me weird things are happening to her but she has a hard time explaining it. then she gets really mad and runs off and I don’t see her for hours. what can I do to help her under stand what is going on?

  2. Lycanhope says:

    @anonymouse: Give her space and leave her alone to figure it out for herself. If she is a shifter, you can’t understand what she’s going through. That’s not even an exaggeration, because you think in human terms you’re physically incapable.
    When she feels she’s got a handle on it she’ll tell you, and you can direct her here to me.

  3. Destiny says:

    Ok so my friend has been acting really weird lately. The other day i was over at his house and we were playing video games, and some how he got a bloody lip, but when I look more closely,his teeth had elongated and went right through his lip. I saw him fang out, what am I supposed to do?

  4. Lycanhope says:

    @Destiny: Call a dentist?
    Also, laughed a bit at the term “fang out”. Sounds like a twihard term for kissing.

  5. Juanita says:

    If there are werewolves they sure stay hidden and are secretive about their existence . To me it doesn’t matter , but if they can live in harmony with man and nature then so be it

  6. Eliza says:

    Ok everyone listen this shit is so fake like if you really believe in this crap you need to check in with reality.

  7. Gabriel says:

    @Eliza: *knock knock* Yes reality here… *slap*

  8. Gabriel says:

    @Eliza: Look, it’s not my fault your being one-sided, honestly i wasn’t expecting a reply no matter how basic. At least keep an open mind. I mean i think logically and i hang out here don’t I? Why is the opinion of a select few who think they know everything so important to people like you?

  9. Lee Ann says:

    Gabriel’s always so nice and reasonable with newcomers on here… really you’re quite the blessing haha. My reaction to it was just think how obnoxious the name Eliza with a zed is…

  10. nightwolf says:

    @eliza: hmm ok lets just say for a moment your right….everyone here is complete bull….you, a normal human/person, would take the time…to look up a site, read the comments, thinki about how bad we are, comment, and then check back for a response?…now lets see…so you must be a ____….oh wait thats wrong and mean….im supposed to report this to another person who probably doesnt care right?….i mean we all know everyone is just…soooo busy trying to help each other and do whats right for “society” right?….oh maybe thats what you were doing?….trying to pull us into a society that judges your every move…pre*ching your fails….and stabbin you in the back…where color of skin matters more than actual personality…right?….and yes i’ve had a bad day so i really dont care

  11. Gabriel says:

    @nightwolf: They will probably be using your own arguement point against you, unless of course because I said this, they don’t… In which case because I said that they might… Idk, just watch out.

  12. nightwolf says:

    @gabe: at this point i could really care less….i dont care what people think at the moment…they hurt izzy…for no reason…and for that anyone who wants to mess with me well…i dare them to try….i f*ckin dare them……she’s still balling her eyes out and i cant to shiz about it….so go ahead if i wasnt mad i’d probably use it against me…in fact i might later just for the heck with it…..jese

  13. nightwolf says:

    @gabe: i’d probably do it later if i wasnt still mad…but they hu-rt izzy…like really bad….so at this point i could care less…

  14. questioning why he's here MAD DOG says:

    @nightwolf: what happened? can i help i now good pay back things

  15. questioning why he's here MAD DOG says:

    @nightwolf: know not now i to tired to think

  16. nightwolf says:

    @madd dogg:….well we’re “over it” now…but they called her all this stuff because she’s part german….so they just made her bad day worse…so i calmed her down/cheered her up…then max/kate stopped me from probably doing something stupid….anyways im still open for ideas just nothing bad

  17. questioning why he's here MAD DOG says:

    @nightwolf: take a mtn dew bottle and some tubing like a hose or fuel line and shove that in the top of the bottle then throw it in their back yard that way it looks like they do meth but that’s a bad one i have more give me a sec so my sick twisted perverted s-e-xed up mind works it black magic

  18. Daniel Lewis says:

    Find me. Change me. Free me. Want. Hunt. Run. Howl. Pack.

  19. Mack kent says:

    I am a werewolf but how do I know for sure?

  20. Lycanhope says:

    @Mack Kent: That’s a conflicting statement, so you’re probably not one.

  21. JC Wardon says:

    My Lycanthrope novel comes out later this month! Wanted to stop in and thank everyone here for the chats earlier in the year. SAPPHIRE BLUES is a fictional paranormal romance of what happens when a werewolf meets up with a mystic while hunting a rabies infected brother. If you’re interested in seeing what I used from the knowledge gained chatting here, I hope you’ll check it out when it’s released. (Of course, I used my imagination too! ;)) Thanks again! JC Wardon

  22. Lycanhope says:

    Huh, only just occurred to me now to google your name. You’re an actual author, interesting.

  23. Lee Ann says:

    @JC Wardon: They actually look quite intriguing… If not for the romance aspect I might have checked them out… Romance doesn’t mix well with me, it’s rather cringeworthy to read..

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