Azeman Vampires

The Azeman is the South American version of a female creature that is the equivalent of a vampire or werewolf. It’s difficult at first to understand why this creature would be considered both, especially since we so typically think of werewolves and vampires as completely different. The Azeman however, has traits of both, although after reading about them, I consider them to be much more similar to vampires.

Similar to a werewolf, the azeman is a creature that can and does transform into an animal. Interestingly however, this is pretty much where the resemblance to the werewolf fades, as the animal that the Azeman transforms into is a bat, which is typically the creature that is associated with the vampire. Other key characteristics of the Azeman are much more in line with the vampire as well – they are said to drink blood to survive, and they are considered creatures of the night.

To defend yourself from an Azeman, the key is to know their weakness – which is very unusual. The major weakness of this creature is that it must count anything that is sprinkled in its path. Some traditional vampire folklore holds that this is true of vampires in general as well – they say that a vampire must count anything that has been sprinkled in its path such as salt, seeds, rice, or pebbles – the smaller the better so as to delay the vampire for as long as possible.



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