The Basics on Being a Werewolf

One of the most difficult things about becoming a werewolf is that there is no guidebook on how to act, be, or live. You have to learn how to be a werewolf on your own. When you are a human, you have human parents, siblings, and friends to guide you as you grow and learn. But as a werewolf, there is often nobody around to show you the basics. You become a werewolf, and then must struggle with trying to figure out what that means and entails. How to think – what to think – how to deal with your new emotions – how to be – all of these things are questions that you must answer on your own. Being a werewolf is difficult, especially in its early stages as you try to learn who and what you are.

The basics on being a werewolf…
#1 – Live by the full moon….at first.
When you first become a werewolf you will feel like you are a slave to the moon.  You will feel like the  moon controls the way you feel, act, look, and behave. The moon effects humans as well, but as a werewolf you will feel it stronger. But this does not continue forever. With time, you will learn to control the moon’s influence over you.

#2 – Learning about yourself never stops.
When you are a werewolf, every day you will learn something new about how you think, perceive things, behave, act, and what you can do. Do not think you will learn everything you need to know within the first few months. And do not think you can learn everything you need to know without the help of others. Learning is an ongoing process, and if someone offers to teach you something from their experience, take advantage of it!

#3 – What you have been, are, and will be – how you shape your future – is up to you.
Being a werewolf does not mean that you have to be a certain way. All the stereotypes of the werewolf do not necessarily pertain to you. You can shape who you are, and who you want to be. It is all within your control. Do not let others tell you that werewolves are a certain way. Each individual werewolf is different and can control the direction he or she takes their lives in.



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74 Responses

  1. @black werewolf: you’ll get no where trying to find a mate if you act possessive about them as you implied with your above comment. May I suggest trying to find a mate elsewhere? This is not a dating site. It’s a forum about the debate on “Werewolf Existance.”

  2. emily says:

    this is not a very good guide to life as an early werewolf! i only discovered that I’m a werewolf this week and I’m so shook up and scared. i was hoping this article can help me. evidently not.

  3. Greyr Storm - Lunar is MISS ILWS 2010 says:

    i just love the moon!!!!! hehe its so unique in my point of view and beautiful at night ^_^ scientist… don’t mess with the moon!!!!! try to detonate it and ill detonate each and every one of them fire style… -.-

  4. midnight says:

    i am a werewolf to

  5. Lycanhope says:

    @Midnight: Depends on your definiton of werewolf.

  6. hey i am a new werewolf and would love some advice like how to controll my self i just found out that while in wolf form i ran around at the school and left huge paw prints every where!!

  7. Lycanhope says:

    @NewToTheWholeWerewolfThing: a) Werewolves don’t leave giant prints, we leave normal wolf prints because WE ARE WOLVES!
    b) You wouldn’t “just find out”, you retain your memory, or ar least I’ve never heard of memory loss occuring.

  8. ya i know but i just think wolf prints are big i have a small dog and i wouldnt notice in wolf form oh im leaving prints i just roamed off so i noticed i was actully leaving prints

  9. Lycanhope says:

    Oh, ok then, sorry about that.

  10. It Isn’t that easy to control the rage of a werewolf, really, it is impossible to control it. I know, because, …, I am one, I am a werewolf.

  11. Lee Ann says:

    Cool story bro…

  12. Werewolfangel says:

    Omg my BFF thinks this is so good for her

  13. Hey just go with it, after all you only live forever.If your a werewolf or Vampire. Just watch out for silver bullets. You regenerate too! Lose a foot or hand, it’ll grow back. Now loose your head, “that’s not good.” Try to avoid that at all cost. That could screw up a perfectly good night. If you know what I mean.

  14. Learn to accept the inner beast within you, then just go with it!

  15. Moony Girl says:

    I just learned a eleven year old girl goes in the woods one night and what I thought to be a big dog starts dragging me by the arm and now I am a werewolf I almost killed my brother I need help

  16. ChrystalWolf214 says:

    Are you a WEREWOLF?

  17. roxas70 says:

    1. sorry for the username i use this for everything.
    2. i am not a werewolf i am a young researcher looking for proof of them.
    3. if anyone here has any info they can share about them please tell me.

  18. blackwolf says:

    not good things. go on wikihow for good ideas. my username is Silvergirl

  19. blackwolf says:

    i was born a werewolf!!!! so was my boyfriend

  20. blackwolf says:

    okay info we werewolves are ingerd by silver we love meat ( at least in wolf form) were strong were fast we want mates ( boyfriend girlfriend)

  21. Lycanhope says:

    @roxas70: A researcher! You remind me a lot of Astute Newt, I miss her.
    If you’re going to do research, make sure you listen to the right people. Listen to everyone, and decide for yourself which makes more sense.

  22. night wolf says:

    @roxas70:that name automatically reminds me of kingdom hearts anyway if your looking for research you came to the right place but just make sure you listen to the right weres….lycanhope is a good one to listen to and the elders too

  23. Lycanhope says:

    @night wolf: …a Kingdom Hearts fan? …this just gets better and better.

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