Beast of Gévaudan

I’ve talked before about other werewolf stories and articles….here’s another interesting one – the Beast of Gevaudan. This was supposedly a wolf-like animal that some believed was a werewolf that rampaged around Gevaudan, France, in the mid 1700s. The reasons that it was thought to possibly be a werewolf included its size – about as big as a cow, the fact that it was supposedly a man-eating beast, and also the fact that it was supposedly shot multiple times by different people, but would not die and did not appear to be injured. Hundreds of people traveled to Notre-Dame de Beaulieu Cathedral for some kind of hope from the killings, among them was Jean Chastel who had his rifle and bullets blessed. Soon thereafter he killed the beast – supposedly the blessing helped.

This story – if true (which supposedly it is)- seems to imply that there is some kind of connection between the church, blessings, the cross, etc. and werewolves. We know that there is a historical connection between these and vampires, but not necessarily werewolves. Which leaves me at a loss to explain this story. Sketch of the werewolf beast of gevaudan.



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2 Responses

  1. Swiftpaw Fatfox says:

    I have a theory that the creature may have been some thing similar to Andrewsarchus, the size would deffently fit.

    As for as to why bullets didn’t seem to hurt it, maybe the people who shot at ir missed and didn’t want to admit that they missed; just my thoughts on this creature.

  2. Crelousia says:

    Its not a Andrewsarchus,its obviously a mix between hyena and wolf.

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