It is interesting how deep werewolf references really permeate into our culture and language. here’s another example – the word berserk.

The word berserk is derived from the word berserker. Berserkers interestingly enough were wild, aggressive, fierce Norse warriors who wore wolf pelts (or sometimes bear pelts). One of the more famous berserkers – Kveldulf (twilight wolf) – is sometimes referenced as being a werewolf.



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17 Responses

  1. jarek(pronounced yarek) says:

    I believe in werewolves and i also believe that most of the berserkers were in fact werewolves. What i mean by this is that a lot of berserkers would go into battle completely naked except for a wolf pelt and more rarely a bear pelt.Brserkers are awesome and i am full blooded.

  2. Dramund says:

    huh, cool thing to know.

  3. jakar says:

    not really they told me something i already knew

  4. Dramund says:

    didn’t know the person, but reast I did

  5. WolfSoul says:

    thats cruel too use animal fur pelts ~growls~

  6. hey there, u should come on to the recent convo. lol. meet my friend lune or joe!

  7. Lunar says:

    @jarek(pronounced yarek):
    I’ve never heard anyone say that on berserkers before. Quite interesting, though I myself never really believed them to be more than humans using wolf pelts. Who knows. It’s something to ponder over I suppose

  8. Alexander Abel says:

    You have it confused jarek(pronounced yarek) they usually wore bear skins because the word berserk actually translates to bear skin. The ones who rarely wore wolf skins were called ulfheddin which translates to wolf coat. Just thought you should know.

  9. Lycanhope says:

    Berserkers were more druidistic than werewolves. They believed that wearing the pelts allowed them to tap into the ferocious aspects of the animal they wore, druidic shapeshifting.

  10. Kelly says:

    i dont beleive humans exsist. What, ya wana fight about it?

  11. Observer says:

    @Kelly: HECK YEAH!

  12. she wolf says:

    My weredog friend has a first expression on me as a wolf because when i smile I actually look like a growling wolf and it scares her. I thought at first if she was joking. But she said she’s dead serious so that’s why whenever I smile I always check if she is looking at me or she”ll freak out.

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