Best vampire movie

nosferatuFor some reason, over and over and over again, there is one particular movie that always seems to come out at the top of the best vampire movies and many actually consider it THE best vampire movie.

The movie is NOSFERATU.

I myself have never seen Nosferatu, mostly because it’s in black and white…although I do have to admit that the movie poster/cover does seem especially compelling.  But true vampire fans – and non-fans alike – both say that the movie is especially good and a true classic.  The movie is basically almost identical to Bram Stoker’s Dracula, except with some slight variations…most notably, “Dracula” is not mentioned, rather the vampire is “Graf Orlok”. If you are interested in watching it, I’ve posted the full movie below.  But be forewarned! There are a few facts that you should know about this movie prior to watching:

  • it’s in black and white
  • it’s a silent film
  • it was filmed in 1922!

Is it indeed the BEST vampire movie ever made? You decide! Here is the full-length movie Nosferatu for your viewing pleasure. 🙂



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