werewolf transformation scenes

Debated as one of the best werewolf transformation scenes in a horror movie is the transformation scene from American Werewolf in London (AWIL). This werewolf movie is from 1981 and still horror fans point to it as one of the best full-body human-to-werewolf tranformations. One thing that makes it so great is that they really focus in on the whole transformation into werewolf and show the whole thing….not just cut-outs of certain parts of it. Some other people claim that The Howling has a better werewolf transformation scene (although I don’t think so)…it comes in second on most people’s votes. If you’re looking for some good video clips of trsnformations into werewolves go to Youtube and type “werewolf transformation”, plenty of videos will come up, although before you waste your time, watch the transformation morph scene I think is number one below, you won’t be disappointed! If you don’t like this one, there are more Werewolf Transformation Scenes to watch when you’re done!

Werewolf Transformation Video from An American Werewolf in London:
An American Werewolf in London Transformation



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104 Responses

  1. Ace says:

    I love werewolves and i think I want to de one. Hopefully less painful.

  2. i want that movie on now

  3. hannah says:

    ok that was umm

  4. Jo and Astianax(Hates astinah foreva XD) says:


  5. wolfindeedofhelp says:


  6. imawerewolf says:

    I’m a were. Changing goes exactly like that, except we get hair EVERYWHERE

  7. imawerewolf says:

    even on … places

  8. death by moon says:

    i got a few words for that : DER DER DER *_*

  9. lee ann says:

    If der der der is anything like fap fap fap (which i learned what it meant today) i think thats a bad thing…..

  10. Jeremy says:

    I don’t know what you just said.

  11. death by moon says:

    It means something like duh.

  12. Masqueffe says:


    Check this awesome transformation


  14. Jeremy says:

    Wow no surpise.

  15. Applebottom says:

    lol he was just chillin reading a book then all of a sudden the transformation happens lol poor guy:(.

  16. lee ann says:

    DAM i remeber drit but now i cant remember what it meant though…. Chris told me it so its gotta be something awesome to the urbandictionary!

  17. lee ann says:

    lemme know how that works out for you buddy…….
    oh my gosh i hate being nice im totally biting back a diss right now

  18. pklett92 says:

    nice Lee XP kids and their empty dreams.

  19. harly says:

    if you pretend to be werewolfs i will find you and you will regreat it

  20. meaghan says:

    are you trying to scare people….

  21. croon says:

    you will regreat it i am croon i have seen people pretend to be werewolfs and end up being food well what kind of were are you and seriusely who are you trying to scare i have been throgh worse try being hunted from your gome by your own family

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