Big Bang Theory Werewolf Transformation exclusive spoiler!!?

Is a werewolf transformation in Sheldon Cooper’s future on the Big Bang Theory?  In Season Five, Episode 18 of the show, in addition to our favorite nerdy scientists, could there be hair, howling, and shapeshifting? And more importantly, will Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, Amy, or Penny become a werewolf?

Keep reading! We have an EXCLUSIVE inside scoop on the  SCRIPT for this upcoming episode!

The Werewolf Transformation Synopsis– The Big Bang Theory (SPOILER)!!

(Synopsis) As she works on scientific discoveries in her lab, Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler will accidentally stumble upon the werewolf transformation disease that infects humans and gives them their shape-shifting curse. Amy will immediately trust nobody with her secret and discovery – not even her best friend Penny – knowing the profoundly ill effects that could result if the world ever found out that werewolf transformations are possible.  There is one exception of course – she can tell her secret to her “boyfriend” Sheldon! – Can’t she?


After Amy shares her hair-raising discovery with Sheldon, Dr. Cooper weighs the pros and cons of testing the new found laboratory experiment, but where should he test it? On an animal? A dog perhaps? No! The source of werewolf infection must be safe guarded and kept secret. Dr. Cooper soon realizes the only way to safely test the werewolf disease is to infect himself!


Sheldon infects himself and battles with the curse for days, keeping it a secret from his best friends, including his roommate Leonard Hofstadter.  Leonard gets suspicious, however he never figures out what is happening to Sheldon!


It is not long before the full moon arrives and Sheldon transforms into a werewolf! And with the werewolf transformation comes the longing to feed! But who would be the easiest target? Leonard? Penny? Dr. Cooper has a moral conflict of who might taste better, but there is no question that somebody will need to be sacrificed to the beast he has now become…


Meanwhile, after Sheldon’s transformation, his friends become suspicious – particularly Raj and Howard. The two of them decide they have to contain the monster. Howard builds a device that will keep the monster locked up with minimal harm to all of the humans. It seems however that Raj understands the werewolf culture; he knows werewolves are serious business! Does Raj have a dirty hairy secret as well? Is his entire family infected? Is his sister, Ms. Koothrappali, a werewolf?  Could Leonard have been dating a girl werewolf and never knew it?!? Only time will tell if Raj reveals the cure to the curse!!

*ATTENTION: Please note that this is not the “real” script for the “Werewolf Transformation” episode of  The Big Bang Theory, we DO NOT have an “exclusive.” This is a made up script that we envisioned for the episode. We are not affiliated with the show and are not endorsed by the show. This is merely ILoveWerewolves vision for the upcoming episode since of course, we love werewolves!

If you want to read the real story about this NEW episode of The Big Bang Theory you can find an article HERE and on the OFFICIAL SITE HERE!!



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  1. Gold says:

    I like it anyway and I love that show I think Sheldon is strafe but funny. BAZINGA!!! Haha ;P

  2. fangsharp says:

    how come ive been biten by a werewolf but i havent changed

  3. Tia says:

    @fangsharp: How do you know if it was a werewolf? Did it happen at night or daytime?

  4. Argharna Welyn says:

    night time if thats the truth then i would love to be cursed to turn into a werewolf at the full moon

  5. BAZINGA!!!!!!!

    Does Professor Proton know about werewolves?

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