Big Foot of the Bush – The Yowie

Australia has a creature that walks upright, is tall and powerful, covered in fur, and is the reported cause of various animal deaths. The creature sounds much like the sasquatch (aka yeti or bigfoot) for a reason – it is thought to be some type of relative of the creature. This reported “Australian Big Foot” is called the Yowie (also known in earlier aborigine stories by the name Yahoo, which means devil or evil spirit). Many consider the creature to in fact be real – in fact, before the European settlers came to Australia, the aborigines documented yowie sightings. Modern-day sightings of the creature still continue, with descriptions matching those of the earliest reported sightings. Indigenous ape or big foot?

One of the most popular areas for yowie sightings is in Australia’s Blue Mountains, west of Sydney where there have been well over 3,000 reported sightings.

Yowie Sightings. Reported sightings of “Hairy Man”

just a few of the thousands of sightings reported….

1870s – “Indigenous Apes” reported on by Australian Town and Country Journal; people on the lookout for the “Hairy Man of the Wood”

1979 – sightings of a gorilla-like creature disturbing livestock have truckers along New South Whales’ Newell Highway concerned.

1993 – Neil Frost sees something weird in the bush by his home and makes it his mission to find the creature. He and his neighbor start a search for the creature. They describe it as a “big hairy beastie” over 7 feet tall, weighing at least 600 pounds that walks with an odd gait. Reportedly 60+ of his neighbors have heard or seen the creature.

1996 – Peter and Belinda Garfoot are pulled over on the side of the road when they see a Yowie cross King’s Highway. They described the creature as very hairy, long arms, walking upright and approximately 7 feet tall.

2007 – Bateman’s Bay, Australia – a woman sees a creature at night she describes as walking upright, over 6 feet tall and covered in dark brown fur in the bush.

2009 – the Regional Children’s Choir is being bused back from an event. As the buses approach Odell’s Crossing, the driver sees a large hairy creature in the trees. She reports it as a “wild-looking” hairy figure which resembles the yowie. The second bus driver confirms seeing something or someone near the bus, but will not comment further.

Is bigfoot a werewolf? Also, check out the other animal mentioned in the video here!



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  1. jenna says:

    i was shre it was blue DXX

  2. you know the part where you put i your username and email? The part where it says website (optional) means put in ANY website and your name turns blue. It’s basically turning your name into a link to another site. You should make it this site just to mess with people.

  3. jenna says:

    im losing my eyessihgt

  4. @jenna: well that’s just unfortunate

  5. Lunar says:

    @Sorath “Rayne” Coraxo:
    I’m sure the stranger side of you can’t be too bad. Her name is blue when we reply to her… in our message it’s blue >.< lol

  6. You know it’s crazy. I’ve been reading back to 2007 and 2008 when i used to be the bullheaded lonely wandering Rayne Warrior. I feel a little ashamed of how I behaved when I was 16-17. It’s so odd, to see how much i have grown spiritually since then. To see how ignorant I truly was, and probably still am once I look back again in a year or two.

  7. Jo says:

    @Jenna You need to get a pic for this site to perfect your awezomeness! lol XD

  8. strangeR says:

    Rayne you will notice some more change and even feel more embarrased. I wait for the day you along with many others realize that you are acting worse than 9 year olds. IMAGINING YOU ARE WEREWOLVES. My father said you were crazy.

  9. meaghan says:

    @ strangeR: and do you know that they aren’t actually a were ???…….you might want to find out the truth before you start saying something…ima human you dont seee me saying anything like that cuz its just rude to attache some one elses as my parents say if you don’t have anything nice to say dont say ANYTHING at ALL

  10. Buddy says:

    @jenna: the list is still updated….we just have allooott of comments from some people. Your comments are great! Keep commenting and I’m sure you’ll move up 😉

  11. Aconissa says:

    I think the Bunyip is more interesting than the yowie… mostly because it’s a water creature, and is a bit more unique. And weird.

  12. hmmm… Bunyip sounds cool!

  13. Suki says:

    It sounds like a frozen snack lol

  14. jenna says:

    omg…i dont think buddy has ever talked to me before….this is soo awesomee 😀

    and thanks buddy !

    (that totally just made day even though its totally random)

  15. spiked wolf says:


  16. spiked wolf says:


  17. Greyr says:

    @spiked wolf yey!!!!!!

  18. strangeR says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am sure there is no yowie, or bigfoot, or werewolf anywhere in any forest.

  19. Lunar says:

    Sorath, that is what your younger years are for is it not? To grow and learn?

  20. WaterfallWolf says:

    Lunar and Sorath You have any advice on the spiritually side of it all.

    Feel like I have walked here before.
    I wander the earth forever more.
    I cry the tears of the past.
    Fearing to be the last.
    Memory fades.
    So do I.

  21. WaterfallWolf says:

    Comments welcome on the poem I made.

  22. @WaterfallWolf Good job. My poems are weird though.. i dont even call them poems but rather stories of friends and families.. i give the credits to the moon and to the people around me.. they put the pieces together binding them to one. ill keep them hidden though for in hope that the next generation will figure it out.. lol that was reaction.. good poem it reminded me of those times! :thumbsup:

  23. Lunar says:

    I do. Do you have other means of contact by chance? Facebook or something of the sort?

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