Bill proposed to outlaw creation of werewolves, mermaid, and centaurs

human animal hybridA couple of years ago, this issue came to the forefront in U.S. politics, now it’s back again: human-animal hybridization. Should it be allowed? And is there anything that can be done to outlaw it now before it becomes a reality in the lab? How about something like a bill to outlaw the creation of werewolves, mermaids, and centaurs?!

Tom Kirby, Representative from Georgia, is proposing just that. He believes that although human and animal DNA can be mixed, it should not be mixed. He does not believe that human animal hybrids should be created in a lab, and he wants to do something about it. In fact, he proposed a bill to outlaw the creation of the “human animal hybrid”.

Kirby’s beliefs are complex. In an interview on the subject, it does not appear that he does not want the creatures to exist. In fact, he indicates that if mermaids and werewolves already exist in nature, that is ok, and he is fine with that. His objection is to humans playing a god-like role and mixing the DNA themselves in a lab to artificially create the creatures. But if mother nature has already done the job? By him, that’s just fine – let mermaids and werewolves be!

Although the issue may seem like simple science-fiction to many, the fact is that labs – both in secret, and in public – have already started mixing human DNA with that of animal DNA. Whether or not the resulting creatures are alive in a lab, have been released to the wild, or were disposed of upon creation is unknown. Also unknown is whether any of them might resemble anything like mermaids, centaurs, werewolves, and other “animal-human hybrids” from mythology. Alot of these unknowns are simply due to the fact that the public is unlikely to welcome with open arms the outright mixing of this type of genetic material.

Without legislative bills such as these, would man-made mermaids and werewolves one day exist? Possibly…and that’s what government bills such as the one proposed by Tom Kirby hope to prevent.



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