Blade VS Selene

In a battle of Blade Vs. Selene, who would win??

blade vs selene

Gender: ManGender: Woman
Species: Half Vampire / Half MortalSpecies: Vampire
Occupation: Vampire SlayerOccupation: Former Death Dealer

BLADE may seem the clear winner
In a fight between BLADE (from the movie Blade, based on the Marvel Comics) and Selene (from the movie Underworld, based on the Marvel Comics), it may seem clear at first that Blade would win.  Blade is after all practically professional at vampire slaying – in fact, he’s dedicated his life to it. He knows vampires, where their lairs are, how to destroy them, and how to fight them. In a battle he brings all kinds of weapons he has tested and used over the years against vampires. He brings skills he has polished over the years against vampires (including martial arts and swords), and he brings something Selene can’t bring – a human intellect and sympathy. Blade is after-all half human, so can see things in a way Selene would never be able to….a skill that could perhaps help him during a battle. Blade is a professional at what he does – fighting vampires – he would know Selene’s moves, and would anticipate them.

But don’t count Selene out yet!

Selene on the other hand has not devoted her life to fighting and destroying vampires, so may be less prepared for a true battle. Before you count her out however, you can’t overlook the fact that she is deadly – in fact she has destroyed elders of her own kind, so does also have experience fighting vampires. Also, she herself is way older than Blade and has gained considerable skills in martial arts and weapons (of all kinds) over the years. In addition, unlike Blade, she is a true vampire – notice that where Blade wears armor and protection, Selene does not need to. In fact, in a battle against the two of them you might just see that despite Blade’s physical presence of muscles and power, Selene is stronger, faster, and less vulnerable as she is a true vampire. Her vampiric nature hides all of this, presenting her as perhaps the clear loser and underdog – an advantage during a battle that could just land her as winner.

Who would win Blade vs. Selene?
I think it would be a long hard battle, but Selene would ultimately have a slim advantage, and won end up winning the fight! Sorry Blade. 😉

Who would win a battle of Blade VS. Selene?

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3 Responses

  1. bayz says:

    Blade has UV Grenades. This is not even a contest…she burns no matter how quick she is…

  2. Summer says:

    Ok, Selene would win in a landslide, ok?!

  3. Daniel Brongers says:

    Okay, firstly: Underworld is an original franchise and is NOT based on a Marvel comic, nor is Selene confirmed to be a superhero/anti hero of the franchise. She is a badass in the movies, though and would LOVE to hear a confirmation that the Underworld movies are indeed considered to be a superhero franchise.

    As for who is going to be a winner: I honestly can’t say. Both are as equally as good as anyone else who they may come across.

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