Bloodsucking Zombies

I love zombies, but what exactly is a bloodsucking zombie? They confuse me.

Part of it is, what exactly are they? Are they vampire zombies? And is that even a possibility of a thing that could exist – a vampire zombie? Zombies are already dead…and vampires are undead…could these two non-living creatures even be combined into one?

And so let’s imagine for a minute that it is possible, that the bloodsucking zombie could even exist. I do not understand how they could ever originate. Vampires would never convert a zombie into one of their own kind – vampires are only interested in living blood, not dead blood. It would sicken them – like drinking sour milk.

So maybe what people mean when they talk about bloodsucking zombies are just your regular run-of-the-mill brains-loving zombie. That is very possible. That people are just thinking because zombies love brains, they must also love blood. And yes, that is true, zombies do love blood. The thing is though, they aren’t exactly bloodsuckers. They’re blood lovers. I guess they should be called bloodloving zombies. 😉



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