Calculating a werewolf’s age

Do werewolves age? Does a werewolf age faster than a human? Do werewolves age slower than other animals? Does a werewolf stop aging like a vampire?

The topic of the aging process of a werewolf is controversial, everyone has an opinion on this topic!

Aging Faster?

People who think that werewolves tend to age faster than humans take this position from the experiences they have as a werewolf. With the weight of a werewolf comes the transformation process, this process does take a physical toll on the human body and the mind. The extreme conditions during tranformation can cause the body and mind to age (semingly) faster than a normal human. But werewolves should not consider this a proper way to gauge your age in human years. Even though transforming does put stress to the body this stress can be counter soothed by healthy lifestyle practices. For example, when an athlete trains and becomes physically stronger in his (or her) attempt to play a physically exhausting sport their participation in this sport does not mean (necessarily) that they will die at an earlier age. Proper techniques for caring for the body ( and mind) during for post physically exhausting activities is essential to recovery. Many athletes take a break from exhausting activities and allow time for recovery, the werewolf is not exception. The werewolf must allow time after the transformation for the mind and the body to heal itself before the next shift. The natural period between shifts is (just one reason) why a natural transformation comes only once a month, the body mind and soul cannot handle the type of demands of shifting more than the natural cycle. Those who do shift more than their natural cycle do open the window to an unhealthy and faster aging lifestyle and like an other (unhealthy) lifestyle it will come with consequences.

Aging slower?

This is in the mind. Werewolves do not age slower than humans do. What gives us an impression that a werewolf would age slower than a human is the life experience that the werewolf goes through in the mind and body. The mind becomes more accustomed to decision making, to making choices at an earlier age, to suffering consequesces at an earlier age, all of this gives the werewolf more life experience (sometimes at an early age) than a normal human. With experience comes wisdom. But don’t let this wisdom get to your head, even though you know many of the ins and outs of life before your human friends do you are still at the same disadvantage as the human is when it comes to aging. As for the body, the aging process of the body does not slow down when you shift, consider the shift a disadvantage if you do not follow proper safeguards during and after shifts.


Possibly the most well known of the aging process, brought to you by popular culture. Consider the immortality of a werewolf a myth. We are all born, live, then die; it’s a cycle we all go through. Werewolves and humans are animals who abide by this cycle.

So how do you calculate the age of a werewolf? Look in the mirror! If you are not happy with how you look and how you are aging, if you think that the shift or something else is making you age faster than normal than it’s time for a lifestyle change! Remember you are always in control of your shift and post shift, take care of yourself and time will take care of you too.



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43 Responses

  1. Todd Foxx says:

    Well Werewolf 967 wile I’m not entirely sure about the werewolf’s point of view as a kitsune i have learned a trick that has let my spirit live for somewhere in-between 1500-1600 yrs. by casting out my spirit out of my dyeing host to another unlucky human giving them my ability’s and spirit. More or less I share a body with a human. and if you recall in legend it will say a kitsune is locked in a foxes form for the first hundred years wile that is true it is not entirely true by learning this trick we acquire a human body to control and thus starts the fun.

  2. Todd Foxx says:

    Oh and BTW first comment!

  3. @Todd Foxx: ahhh yes.. the spirit is another circumstance… thank for the input!
    great trick!

  4. Darcia says:

    A canine naturally has a shorter lifespan then a human. Wouldnt the canine side of a werewolf effect his or her natural lifespan as a human? I believe it has something to do with metabolism if I am not mistaken. Just curious.

  5. Greyr says:

    hmmm…. spirits… lol XD i like eating them so be careful XD

  6. @Darcia: You are right Darcia, this is where people disagree. Some believe the the werewolf’s age is related to canine age.. However I do not believe in this theory.

    If the canine did take part in aging the the wolf would probably age faster. right?!

  7. Darcia says:

    @Werewolf 967 I suppose that would be true… My brothers pack leader says that normally the aging process effects the canine side of a werewolf. Making it harder to shift or something. I wouldnt have the slightest idea because as far as I know I am not a werewolf. It does effect the emotional maturity however. My brother was quickly affected by that. Maybe the lifespan is just as varied as a regular humans due to genetics and DNA and such. Im simply guessing. Im so new to the idea of these kinds of beings living among us. It deffinitley hit home, I can assure you.

  8. @Darcia: Yes, maturity level is definitely affected.. It is possible that it effects the canine side but I dont know that anyone knows for sure how much it negatively or positively has an effect. I guess only time will tell for the wolf, but there are so many outside variables in life that could cause a shortened or lengthened life-span.

  9. Darcia says:

    @Werewolf967 Yet another variable to throw into the equation. While we are on “Variables”, if the process and such of shifting usually begins at puberty, wouldnt that also effect the overall lifespan? What if it were delayed would that weaken the human side or cause a difference in the lifespan to what it would have been normally? Too many questions, I have too many questions.

  10. Todd Foxx says:

    @Darcia There is such thing as to many questions.

  11. Darcia says:

    @Todd Foxx I suppose there is, haha but life is all about learning so I shall ask as many as possible.

  12. Todd Foxx says:

    @Darcia Well there is such a thing as to many at once but in moderation there is no such thing.

  13. Darcia says:

    @Todd Foxx I’m not one to ask questions so I figure that asking so many questions now makes up for the rest of my life and past experiances. This is the one subject that I cannot figure out on my own. By the way I appreciate the help I’ve been given, however little it may seem.

  14. was this inspired by my question in the chat?!

  15. Darcia says:

    @idunnoYourFace?: What was inspired by your chat thing? I’ve only been here when people have replied to my comments. I havnt browsed through the site yet

  16. When in form you do not age, but once back in human form you start aging again!!

  17. lonewolf123 says:

    during all the whole stuff ppl were saying, i was like,” blah blah blah werewolf blah blah blah tourniquet blah blah blah transformations blah blah blah et cetra… I really did not care.

  18. Werewolves are not entirely human/wolf there’s a lot of supernatural forces here. The werewolf transformation does do a lot to the body but remember the werewolf has regeneration so the affects of the shift are negated.

  19. Werewolf aging and phases in wolf form.

    1-11 months
    Can barely see or hear. Werewolves at this time crawl on their bellies and often go hungry during the shift. This only happens with natural werewolves as a werewolf bite would kill a baby.

    1-3 years
    The pups will wrestle with each other or another family’s pups. the parents are cool with it as it is a dominance practice and it helps to build skills they will need later.

    4-6 years
    The pups will do the same as earlier stated, however they will compete in hunting and try to impress the adults. They are funny to watch. Also they will practice howling and intimidation acts like snarling and bearing their teeth.

    7-9 years
    The pups will settle down a bit but their appetites will be a lot larger.
    They will attack and hunt for small game and show off to other pups.

    10-11 years
    Females will settle down a bit more than males. Males will hunt for small game and berries and put it in the storage of their dens.

    12-13 years
    The werewolf reaches its teens and may attempt to dig dens for themselves. They usually wimp out or forget (I never did.) Males act more
    Like jocks (I won every fight and went to hang out with the adults and/or females.)

    14-18 years
    Slip away from the teens and go make a pack of their own.

    I did not mention the 7th generation blessing weres like me we are usually “adopted” by the alpha and even the younger werewolves can be elders like me elders can go form a pack as we Like elder does not mean older it means wiser as it was from Celtic eldre or “of the wiser”

  20. These are the earlier phases we can live up to 175 years of age.

  21. @Todd Foxx: obviously you are not a kits (as I call them) a kitsune is a fox spirit the embodiment of fire cunning and trickery they look like a black Fox with 5-9 tails each with an orange tip. They have spiritual powers and are a greater spirit. They are a match for a lot of supernatural creatures and are an apex a supernatural at a high level (such an a werewolf.)

  22. You are right elder werewolf777 werewolves live line 175 years
    or more if no one kills them want to start a pack of real werewolves

  23. nightwolf says:

    @elderwolf777: we cant live that long…can we? idk but it sounds fake i mean not even humans believe we can live that long….they believe we can live longer but only 115 at most….honestly i wouldnt mind living that long as long as my gf lives that long to but i doubt it because i’ve never seen nor heard of a werewolf thats that old

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