California city attempted to repel Vampires

If you were going to attempt to secure a city from Vampires how would you do it?

You might be able to have the city water supply sanctified in an attempt to make it Holy water, in hopes that a Vampire somehow gets in contact with the water. All residents could, in theory, be “armed” with an endless supply of “repellant.” This is of course if you could ever convince a Priest (or other religious leader) to conduct such an act (because of proper care the water needs especially disposal). In any event this method would be quite complicated and may not even work correctly.


You might think about planting garlic around the City. This is probably a long term method that would require years of forethought because the plants, no doubt, would need time to grow and naturally spread throughout the city! This method would also arm the citizens with the necessary “ammo” in the event that there was an invasion of vampires. That is of course if the Vampires could even enter a city with the a rank smell…

Sound weird? Well, a city councilman for Lawndale California told a TV station (at the beginning of 2010) that garlic was planted throughout the city “…to keep the Vampires out of town.”

Is this Vampire story myth or fact? What do you think?



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6 Responses

  1. Greyr says:

    aw… this flower smells lol XD

  2. Somnium says:

    Its partly myth and partly fact
    For as far as the story goes, a long time a ago there were as they now say enormous bats, flying around the area of california. This species is referred to as D. draculea. But this was around 3000 years ago. Any vampires today might have lived there as well. But it could also just be an old story

  3. Dream Catcher says:

    Lol.. the man said IT WAS A BIG JOKE.. THEN HE PROCEDED TO SAY IT WAS TO KEEP THE VAMPIRES OUT… LOL.. he said “since we planted the garlic I have not seen on single solitary vampire” that does not mean he seen one before nor ever.. lol.. someone is just taking a joke out of context…

  4. Evaluna says:


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