Can a certain type of flower turn you into a werewolf?

Yes, there are some werewolf legends that say that there exists a certain type of flower that when worn will indeed turn you into a werewolf.  These legends originate in the Balkans (which is in southeastern Europe), and the area of Austria/Hungary.  The legends say that the flower should be picked after sunset and pinned on your clothing and worn during a full moon.  The legends say that the wearing of this flower will turn you into a werewolf.  The flower is said to be called the Lycanthropous flower (scientific name unknown).  This flower is said to be particularly rare and grows in marshy areas in the forest of the Balkans.

Can this be possible?  Can a flower have the power to effect a transformation if worn?

There is no question that flowers and plants can be more than a human would ever suspect.  For example, there are carnivorous plants that eat small mammals defying all logic of what you would think a plant could do (man-eating trees?)!  There are plants that have flowers so huge they are as big as  a human baby – the Rafflesia for example, grows a 15 pound flower!  There are plants that smell like rotting meat (most famously the Amorphophallus titanium). And there are even plants whose leaves will move when touched (for example the Mimosa Pudica). In short, yes, there are certainly plants that do things you would never think a plant could do. Can one have the special property that would allow you to transform into a werewolf simply by wearing it? It’s hard to say. The flower is apparently very hard to come by, so there are few if any actual present-day reports of whether or not it actually works.



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30 Responses

  1. Ben says:

    i really do want to become a werewolf because ive lost hope in humanity please enlighten me to the ways and the techniques out there

  2. Lycanhope says:

    @Ben: Be happy with what you’ve got, this isn’t a magic cure to send all your sorrows away. In fact, you’ll still have the same problems, plus even more, so be grateful.

  3. Ben says:

    @Lycanhope: but humans cause so many problems it breaks my heart please show me how to become a werewolf if they exist il do what ever it takes

  4. @Lycanhope: as i read this sentences about werewolves, i strted to like it, me too im wanted to bcome a werewolves but i dont know where do i start and who can help me to do this, i hve no bad intension for doing this, i just want it,, sory guys if my english so bad, i came from phillipines, goodday to all

  5. i know theres a lot of consequenses behind in this type of matter, i realy wanted to help people into other hand of badpeople,, and i understnd thers a lot of good way to do good into the other people,

  6. shadowolf says:

    yes werewolves r real but their names r lycans n if u want answers look in Siberia their r legends no ones herd of like the marriage of a vampire n lycan

  7. william says:

    How do you know if your becoming a werewolf?

    • Vargr says:

      Trust me you will most certainly know on your own if you read about werewolves and study or even watch movies about them

  8. Anthony says:

    go to and your wish shall come true

  9. I am sortable weird but nobody at shcool says it but I can tell their thinking it because of their faces

  10. Gabriella Castro says:

    Would I be able to find a picture of the flower on the web? I want to become a werewolf be not because of sorrow or because government is becoming corrupt but for freedom… To become a part of fantasy itself.

  11. I will give you the supplies list but nothing else.

    Wolfsbane (clense it first it is poisonous.)
    Silver (I know it kills us but it is associated with the moon.)
    Any witchcraft/wiccan oils associated with transformation
    Apple (the fruit of transforming.)
    Any witchcraft/wiccan oils associated with the hunt
    Any witchcraft/wiccan crystals associated with the moon

  12. Anonymous says:

    listen people we all wanna become a werewolfs even me I have my own fake wolf pack but I dnt think any of us will ever become a werewolfs there real and there plently out there but it will be very hard to become one. but if u wanna know how to become one I can help u with that because I know a lot more about this kinda stuff then u think just just message me on kik its anonymous$or werewolfs4life

  13. unknowngirl says:

    if you really wannna be a werewolf then do like im doing researching and writing down things that hurt and dont then decide if u want it forever

  14. Lycanhope says:

    @unknowngirl: Smart girl. Make sure to try and get multiple sources on each bit of information, preferably with a case study to show it’s accuracy. That way you’ll have a better idea what is legit.

  15. I have been seeing people say that if an 11 year old girl(which is my age) I can die from werewolf transformation or I can be severely injured until I’m 13 or older is that true

  16. Lee Ann says:

    @thewerewolfgirl: It’s not like your period or something. If you have to ask you probably shouldn’t worry about it.

  17. david says:

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  18. DJ WereWolf says:

    I wanted as a kid to become one when i was 6

  19. Daniel says:

    I need the guild lines on hw to become a werewolf iam a big fan of it so plz just show me the way maybe I can add it to my article

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