Can a werewolf climb a tree?

Can a werewolf climb a tree? The answer is no…don’t be fooled by others that tell you not to climb that tree as an escape route if being chased by a werewolf, it is possible to seek safety in a tree. But, remember if you do try to hide in this tree anyone left on the ground will be caught- almost certainly caught. If you hide in this tree, and the werewolf knows you are there and he tries to get you and can’t- his anger and frustration will rage even more; kiss your friends goodbye, the werewolf will rampage until he finds a substitute victim, and his rage will then ease.Hide in a tree as a temporary safety. Beware- staying in the tree may be worse than trying to make a run for it. 



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  1. Greyr says:


  2. hopeful human says:


  3. ILiekPizza says:

    I only chase things because they run away. Nothing personal, I just like the thrill of the chase.

  4. What?! says:

    Yeah i think werewolves can climb trees just like normal wovles so yeah…

  5. Juliet Wolf says:

    I climb trees all the time. Werewolves can climb, just as long as there is a branch near by. The only time they cannot climb a tree like a normal person can, is if the branch is too high for them to swing onto.

  6. Nicklaus says:

    @What?!: Since when can a natural wolf (in the wild) climbed a tree? I for one have never seen a wolf of any kind climb a tree.

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