Can a werewolf climb a tree?

Can a werewolf climb a tree? The answer is no…don’t be fooled by others that tell you not to climb that tree as an escape route if being chased by a werewolf, it is possible to seek safety in a tree. But, remember if you do try to hide in this tree anyone left on the ground will be caught- almost certainly caught. If you hide in this tree, and the werewolf knows you are there and he tries to get you and can’t- his anger and frustration will rage even more; kiss your friends goodbye, the werewolf will rampage until he finds a substitute victim, and his rage will then ease.Hide in a tree as a temporary safety. Beware- staying in the tree may be worse than trying to make a run for it.┬á



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31 Responses

  1. Mort says:

    Hahahahaha! wow…its pretty amazing how you can continually make each post of yours stupider and stupider. Why the f*ck would a werewolf not be able to climb a tree? “Oh sh*t I shifted and my food is up in a tree. Im f**ked now!”

  2. austin buckley says:

    why dont you stay the HELL of this sight ­čÖé

  3. Shadow says:

    I daresay, I can climb trees VERY well when I’m shifted.
    If I ever go insane and try to kill you, get a tranquilizer gun, and get the insane asylum people to carry me away. XD

  4. terra the shapeshifting green witch says:

    wow mort ur funny. wolves cant climb trees. duh!!!

  5. lee ann says:

    I t would be an interesting experiment, I could out run or kill the werewolf I piss off so maybe I will try it just for kicks

  6. JesusChrist says:

    well if a werewolf is hugery enough and/or pissed off enough yea he/she could climb a tree

  7. lee ann says:

    Then I’ll definetly try it cause I’ll have the advantage in the trees

  8. JesusChrist says:

    yea probably.

  9. lee ann says:

    It’ll be fun. now I just need to find a tempermental werwolf

  10. lee ann says:


  11. JesusChrist says:

    not realy thats was a long time ago when i was realy drepressed. im not that evil or depressed any more.

  12. lee ann says:

    thank god, now I can’t get that picture out of my head

  13. JesusChrist says:

    sorry. but sadly thats what my life used to be like. hung out with the wrong kids all that shit. but now im trying to get my life back on track. im still goth but so is everyone where i live.

  14. lee ann says:

    I’m a vampire and even I’m not goth.

  15. JesusChrist says:

    in the town i live ALL of the adults are redneck. and all the kids are divided into groups. goth, prep, EMO, and wanna-be gangsters

  16. lee ann says:

    seems like a happy place.

  17. JesusChrist says:

    ohhhh yea real happy. but i swear to god if i see that wanna-be gangster, that got me kicked out of school i will rip his throat out.

  18. lee ann says:

    Pleasant thoughts, my areas divided into sluts druggys and smokers

  19. JesusChrist says:

    what kind of smokers? theres cigeretts then theres pot.
    and when i say this literaly every kid smokes cigeretts in auburn.

  20. JesusChrist says:

    yea we got both too. i used to smoke pot but now i dont. i still smoke cigrettes though.

  21. BlueWerewolf says:

    werewolf967 you are wrong again i can climb any tree and i do not remember a time when i was a werewolf that i could not climb a tree

  22. anonamous-werewolf says:

    @JesusChrist: LOL, IT’S JESUS!!!

  23. @JesusChrist: how ironic, jesus is goth…

  24. That guy says:

    i’m good at climbing trees in my human form and even better when i shift. even though wolves can’t climb trees humans can and werewoves are half human. very strong fast humans with claws.

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