Vampires and werewolves. Can species coexist?

There has been alot of talk recently among readers of this blog about whether different species can get along and coexist or not. Research indicates that alot of the time species are unable to coexist when there is alot of competition for food. As the abundance of food resources increases, the possibility of species coexisting also increases….so yes, it is possible if the circumstances are right.

This brings us to werewolves and vampires coexisting. The coexistence of these two species really depends upon the situation, if you follow the research from above. The vampire’s primary sustenance is blood – blood primarily from humans. Vampires see werewolves as competition for humans (although as many werewolves can tell you, werewolves do not necessarily go after humans as their primary source of food – vampires do not know this however, and so see this as just one of a long list of reasons that they cannot and will not get along with werewolves). Hence, trouble coexisting.

Of course, this is a theory that is based on evidence of what happens in animal species throughout the world. I think, specifically for vampires and werewolves, something else that often comes into play is that there is also an underlying current of hatred because of how equally matched they both are – both are at the top in terms of power, strength, cunning, and intelligence. And both are used to being the one in control. When they encounter each other however, they are final face to face with an equal, and for these two very aggressive creatures, that makes coexistence difficult.

Difficult, but, not impossible.



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63 Responses

  1. Menneske Cana-pius says:

    Yes,times have evolved my friend,mainly even with coexist we both can as long as we stay away from each other but its hard to really note down this fact,but thats only if one werewolf and a vampire revealed they were both to the other then yes they would fight.

  2. Sabrefang says:

    we all coexist without truly knowing it

  3. Menneske Cana-pius says:

    True,the world is big enough for my country buffet as well as theirs.

  4. Dramund says:

    then I’m able to co-exist and date with vampires even though I am a werewolf.

  5. Equus says:

    there’s a werewolf in my school, and he alone stinks out the place. but we don’t fight. WE can show some maturity, even if you can’t.

  6. Yasmin says:


  7. Vulkan says:

    fuk you all… i should never have come to this damn blog

  8. Vulkan says:

    i wouldnt be suffering if i had stayed away… remained naive…

  9. Vulkan says:

    screw the “everything happens for a reason”… this reason was so that i would suffer… i hate it damnit…

  10. Vulkan says:

    i cant wait to burn… to die… but no… i wont kill myself… i cant wait for death to relieve this suffering though… i’ve given up… pure heart my ass… theres nothing pure about me… so much for my dream of being an angel…

  11. Vulkan says:

    i just wanted those wings… those beautiful wings… but its too late… i screwed it up for myself…theres no going back…f*** me… f*** sabre… i dont care if he’s my brother…

  12. Vulkan says:

    i just wanted those wings… those beautiful wings… but its too late… i screwed it up for myself…theres no going back…fuk me… fuk sabre… i dont care if he’s my brother…

  13. Vulkan says:

    this world can burn in chaos… it can suffer for all i fuking care…damnit it all………………………………………………………….damn it all

  14. Lone wolf says:

    Whoa whats wrong with you?

  15. Dramund says:

    brother, why are you like this? it isn’t too late for you bro

  16. Vulkan says:

    shows how much you know doesnt it

    Message to Sabre…LET GO OF THE DAMN CLIFF…we’re all fuked anyway…

  17. Vulkan says:

    why am i like this… why are you not like this?… my problem what problem?… im perfectly fine

  18. Vulkan says:

    hell the only way i could be better is to have a bullet in my head… but i wont do that, i dont support suicide…oh well huh? i’m sick of brothers… im sick of family… im sick of having to keep this shit all a secret

  19. Vulkan says:

    wings…to be an angel is all i wanted… i have alice’s love…those are the only two things i would and could ever want… but now … alice wants to kill herself… and i’ve screwed up my chances of being an angel… all hail suffering… it seems to be the only real power in the world

  20. Lone wolf says:

    Ummm I dont know exactly whats goin on but can i help?

  21. Dramund says:

    you can still get them

  22. Young Wolf Alpha Lexi says:

    Vulkan… you know you aren’t the only one that has to keep things like this a secret.. nor are you the only one suffering.. stay strong and you will see how you are rewarded..

  23. Dramund says:

    all of this is a trial for you to get your wings.

  24. Young Wolf Alpha Lexi says:

    i agree with Dramund… it’s not fun.. but the strength you show during the agony you feel.. and the good you do during that time will help you as well..

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