Vampires and werewolves. Can species coexist?

There has been alot of talk recently among readers of this blog about whether different species can get along and coexist or not. Research indicates that alot of the time species are unable to coexist when there is alot of competition for food. As the abundance of food resources increases, the possibility of species coexisting also increases….so yes, it is possible if the circumstances are right.

This brings us to werewolves and vampires coexisting. The coexistence of these two species really depends upon the situation, if you follow the research from above. The vampire’s primary sustenance is blood – blood primarily from humans. Vampires see werewolves as competition for humans (although as many werewolves can tell you, werewolves do not necessarily go after humans as their primary source of food – vampires do not know this however, and so see this as just one of a long list of reasons that they cannot and will not get along with werewolves). Hence, trouble coexisting.

Of course, this is a theory that is based on evidence of what happens in animal species throughout the world. I think, specifically for vampires and werewolves, something else that often comes into play is that there is also an underlying current of hatred because of how equally matched they both are – both are at the top in terms of power, strength, cunning, and intelligence. And both are used to being the one in control. When they encounter each other however, they are final face to face with an equal, and for these two very aggressive creatures, that makes coexistence difficult.

Difficult, but, not impossible.



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63 Responses

  1. Young Wolf Alpha Lexi says:

    everything happens for a reason… and it is your job to fight through anything that is thrown at you in order to receive what it is you truly deserve.. be it love, wings.. control… the things you truly desire, the things you need, and the things that are neccessary have to be worked for.. they are not freely given as much as we would like them to be

  2. Dramund says:

    Lexi is right and you know it.

  3. Young Wolf Alpha Lexi says:

    hmm.. is he not on anymore?

  4. Dramund says:

    no, not right now I guess.

  5. Young Wolf Alpha Lexi says:


  6. Dramund says:


  7. Young Wolf Alpha Lexi says:

    yeah.. no kidding… *sighs*

  8. Dramund says:

    he’s always like this.

  9. Young Wolf Alpha Lexi says:

    why? just because he’s having a hard time?

  10. Dramund says:

    yeah, he always has

  11. Young Wolf Alpha Lexi says:

    *sighs* this always seems to die so easily..

  12. canis vulgaris says:

    i am awerewolf, and i am dating a vampire, we have seen each other once, but my animal magnetism seemed to call to her, she brings out the wolf in me, and i bring out the bat in her, we have drunk each others blood, and would this affect us in any way??

    hurry up and answer please

  13. Dynomutt says:

    I used to date a vamp. But, something about her just really got under my skin . . . I believe we can coexsist, but I think we need to make the humans aware of our exsistance before this can happen.

  14. Lunar says:

    Are you alright?

  15. eezuna says:

    vulkan, its true, u have trials and pain. some worse that others. but thats trials we go through to receeve the wings. dont give up. no one is in this allone. because of the sea of faces, and people who dont seem to care- there are few out there that do. you just have to find them. listen to your freinds. the people who commented seem to realy care for you. as i do. none should go through such trials. exspeshally alone. but i see it all around me. as i have my own.~~ as far as warewolfs and vampires go- i have a hell of alot of blood line through me[including indian] im basicly a mut. so much so i cant tell if im therian, human, or even how much psyc vamp i have in me. my mom could have been werewolf[she had enuff secne to sence her own death] and my dad was defenently psyc vamp, but truely dosnt except who he is.[stubern] we had a father daughter conection dream. he[thinking it was mom without glasses,] andme who seen him in his true form.[dreaming this of corse] i tend to travel allot in the astral plan. and it spooks me out. cuz i can feal the body or wall i posess. and it all is in real life future form. [as in i can be in someone or something, whitnessing emotions and future accurences] and i can only do that out of my controll. i have a gift, and i imbrace it; what ever it is. and people should take pain, and turn it into strengh- not ones self turmoil. i feel for ya volkan i truely do. oh, and canis vulgaris, idk about if the blood thing would be affected. im thinking it may have a cancled effect on powers. cuz if i am psyc and thirian, i have nights were my sences are strong, and nights were i experience nothing. i think you being a true full warewolf would have the sences like ur living a normal life. but as for me- i have hightened sences on the sicle of the moons,[new and full] or just random days cloase to half moons.

  16. um ya guys vulkan posted that A YEAR AGO

  17. kyle lee says:

    yea ummm im a vamp and i have no problems with warewolves they are good company depending on the siduation…

  18. lee ann says:

    w-why is my name in your n-name? :'(

  19. Somnium says:

    dude thats a normal name -.-

  20. I generally wind up hating every vamp I meet or at least have a very tense relationship with them. Every vamp I have ever met, thinks they are top of the food chain, that their sh1t don’t stink. Really annoys the hell out of me.

  21. lee ann says:

    @zor for a minute i was like ‘except…’ then i remembered and was like ‘nvm!’ xp

  22. lolzzzzzzzzzz i will keep my mouth shut xD

  23. @lee ann: I;m not dumb Lee, I can sense it still lingering in you waiting to burst out like a murder of crows rushing to a corpse. That inner emotion you keep locked up so tightly, because I am not there, is still there. Stop fighting yourself.

    @Silent Strike: If your gonna even say that your not gonna say something, then don’t say anything at all, you may as well tell us now.

  1. July 10, 2009

    […] again, not very likely) for these obstacles to be overcome and these two species to not only coexist, but also fall in love. [?] Share with other werewolves reddit_url = […]

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