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Yes, werewolves and vampires can fall in love. While it is possible, it is not very likely to happen. Because there are no rules to love, and because both vampires and werewolves take human form, there are many reasons why love between the two could be possible. The problem is that there are certain things that prevent it from happening in the first place.

The first obstacle is that many – if not most – vampires do not like werewolves. It would require getting over this innate dislike in order for them to even be friendly with each other and get to know one another. Once this obstacle is overcome, then you have the vampire’s innate desire for blood.

While werewolf blood is not the primary choice for most vampires, many hungry vampires will attempt to feed on anything. Yet another obstacle is the preconceptions that each species has about the other – both tend to believe the other species as untrustworthy, arrogant, and a competitor – this taints the initial encounter between any two individuals with feelings of hesitation and wariness from the very beginning.

Having said all this however, it is possible (though again, not very likely) for these obstacles to be overcome and these two species to not only coexist, but also fall in love.

Vampire love stories are at the core of vampire tales, anything is possible.



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38 Responses

  1. pkletter92 says:

    As long as it looks good guys will find a way to bone it…

  2. Nightmarre says:

    It is possible. But rare, because most vampires hate werewolves and vice versa. They have been at war for what seems like forever after all. But it is possible. I, a vampire, am happily married to a werewolf.

  3. Gill says:

    Presume this site is a joke only you all actually sound serious which is oh soooo sad. Put search in 4 a laugh & boy did I get one. I am 500+, we safeguard each other ! Give me a break! Understand fetish scene,false vamp teeth blah blah blah but this is ridiculous.

  4. preston says:

    this site is real and you are new arent you

  5. preston says:

    oh srry i hate this computer it makes my words screw up i meant to say well this site is not a fake maybe sompeople lie but its fun to act or play out as one of the werewolfs or vampres here

  6. dani says:

    i think it would be posible! i mean my best friend is a vampire and i am a werewolf and we get alonge easily! is it any different

  7. Nathan says:

    Love between werewolves and vampires is really interesting. I can say, that me and my brothers (werewolves) don’t like vampires, but we know each other and we’re acting friendly. One vampire is my close friend (!!!) and I think it’s strange to be friends. And btw, I can’t transform and one my brother too, but I really hate people, who don’t believe. Okay, it’s their problem, but they are starting to believe right when you show them that “energy thing”. It’s so simple, but they are still fascinated.

    Greetings from Czech Republic


  8. Ryan Turney says:

    I’m a werewolf and I have this crush on a vampire and she likes me.

  9. Ya yeet says:

    Hi I’m a vampire yet my girlfriend is a werewolf but we for some reason can not resist each other

  10. austin says:

    if vampires like to fall in love with a werewolf then they break up with you then they come back to you what is the reason of that

    AKA somebody tell me that i’am a werewolf and the vampire i’am date a vampire somebody give me some points so i know what to do

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