Can vampires shapeshift too?

It is interesting that one of the similarities between werewolves and vampires as noted in books and literature and history is the vampire’s so-called ability to shapeshift or transform. Most literature which references this ability of the vampire, typically cites a few things that vampires can transform into, most commonly they include bat and mist. Interestingly, some old references also cite that vampires can shapeshift into snakes and wolves. Yes, wolves!

I would like to point out however, that what I’ve read indicates that if vampires do shapeshift (and I’ve found some references that not all can do it), it is not in the way that werewolves do. With werewolves, the transformation is part of who a werewolf is. It is a natural process that many times cannot be controlled (although as we’ve discussed, experience can lead to control). Vampires however, don’t do a true transformation, they do not go through the physical process that a werewolf would. They do not actually truly become a wolf, or bat, but rather they shift their shape for a short period of time. The shapeshift is just that – a shift, not a transformation. They never gain the senses of the being they become, they do not gain the power of the creature they become – and in fact, they do not even “become” the being, but rather just the semblance of the being which in many cases can only be retained for a short period of time.



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25 Responses

  1. Fabgsharpner says:

    i just want to know 1 thing because im a vampire how do u get a werewolf to come to a vampire

  2. Fabgsharpner says:

    sorry 2 things that 1 and does a vampire need blood to survive

  3. Fabgsharpner says:

    and this is well how do u become a werepyre and what does it look like

  4. Lukesf2 says:

    i suggest that you drink animal blood I’m guessing it wont taste right but its better then killing random people at night and off the street

  5. Fangsharpner says:

    sorry its fangsharpner

  6. Fangsharpner says:

    do u lot transform on a full moon

  7. Lukesf2 says:

    i recently got bitten i so haven’t changed yet

    the reason i got bitten is 3 packs of wolves moved into the forest behind my house and i got pissed yesterday and went into the forest broke some plants and on my way out i saw someone running in front of me then when i went to look there were 4 huge wolves they cornered me and one bit me then my eyes started changing color at random and i started preferring meat but that may not be the first time i was bitten because 2 huge wolves got into my house and one but they didn’t break anything

    I’m thinking the first time i got bit whatever makes you turn into a werewolf wasn’t enough to complete the change but some of the symptoms showed up such as eyes changing colors preference for meat then i got bit again in the forest and the all the symptoms showed up but much more severe… i cant even eat chocolate anymore D: ill throw up if i do

    • alutrux says:

      If you were going to change your whole body would start trembling uncontrollably your heart would race ad you’d black out. You wouldn’t know what happened and you’d probably wake up at home in bed with your shirt dirty asf and your socks no where to be found

    • Lupe says:

      @Lukes defo fake. Yet

      @Alutrux I’m wondering where you got your information from? Because most I know, to “change” is almost impossible, either that or just very rare. When I say “change,” I mean physically shifting into a creature of a kind. I’ve only met 2 online that I at least CONSIDER to p-shift, yet the issue is that I only know them online so there really isn’t a definite answer of if they can.

      Added to another issue, your not even arguing against them saying they were bitten in general which turns them into a “werewolf.” Your just focusing on certain issues. Jesus, sometimes I wonder if these people even know what a werecreature really is…

  8. Victor Blood Kiss says:

    Ok yes you need blood fang sharpner if you are a true vampire. You need not kill lots of mortals willingly shed blood just keep your donours safe and check for STD’s regularly… As for the lycans here… I have to say if my Brother razor found this site He’d be offended He is a lycan and would tell you bitting is not a turning… It’s a way of marking some one with potential for turning. Long story I should actually say half brother.

    Shadows keep you all safe.

  9. Victor Blood Kiss says:

    Oh and as for calling pick up a phone if you know one lol

  10. Dreaming to be one! says:

    an some one tell me whre to find or do something weird to be a vampire? lol i lost my life (am not dead i mean i really lost it) email me **edited** if your a true vampire…

  11. me says:

    ehhe first werewolves then witches now vampires ^^

  12. Fang92 says:

    yea fangsharpener its the same here i am a werepire and i really dont like to fess up to it and i can barely eat chocolate anymore and it was my fav. thing to eat it will make me sick now even if i am not the one eating it…..

  13. pklett92 says:

    Lukesf2, arent you the one from bmg who said you’ve been a wolf since birth? I’m assuming thats the same luke. You said most of the wolves in your neighborhood are still pups, who dont know there wolves yet…whats going on? I never herd of wolves behind your house…you’ll need to explain all that to me later.

  14. edwerd urbanik wonts to no can vampiers shapshift as well or is that only werewolves can do that

  15. Gorechild says:

    @Victor Blood Kiss: Interesting. I want to find out more – where can I reach you? FB? MySpace?

    Darkness Blessings!

  16. Ibliswolf says:

    I think it should probably be pointed out that being bitten by a werewolf does not suddenly make you one. Now, if you already had something like a “werewolf gene” inside of you and then got bitten that could bring it out. I like to call this process “turning” and think of it as like werewolf puberty lol.

  17. Re-searcha says:

    pklett, the reason why lukesf2 is telling you contradictory stories, is because he is JUST TELLING YOU STORIES, they are not true buddy. The reason why he said he was a wolf at birth, and now he is saying he was just bitten last night is because he forgot his first story.

  18. Alice Black says:

    do yuo have any ideas where i could find some of the writings about vampires who turn into snakes? i while back i had a dream about vampires who were able to snakes. (which was slightly discomforting considering i have vivid dreams) but id never even thought about it before and was trying to find something about it.

  19. thecakesalie says:

    drinking animal blood is like human when they go on diets its the diet for a vampire humans blood is the real meal watch any vampire movie aka twilight

  20. Nightshade says:

    You don’t you are born inless you are a vampire then all you need to do is drain them of some blood.

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