werewolf love

I’m always surprised when I get this question, but it is a very popular question that comes in again and again.  Yes, werewolves can fall in love.  Remember, werewolves are part human, and almost anything that a human can do, a werewolf can do.

Often, the human a werewolf falls in love with  has no clue that he/she is a werewolf, and thus the relationship often does not survive.  Werewolves are extremely secretive and often do not share their secret with the person they love. The secrecy is often the breaking point for the relationship.

Yes, werewolves love.



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127 Responses

  1. silver wolf says:

    the three band rock three days grace/linkin park/wolf’s rain so if you listen to youtube look up thes three band

  2. @vivii: how about a kitsūne(fox spirit)? we are much more peaceful, kind, and loyal. also you do not have to worry about shifting. but first, how old are you and where are you? i am in jefferson county washington and 15.

  3. silver wolf says:

    will any one rae my last coment on here

  4. LONEWOLFFA says:


  5. Argharna Welyn says:

    @Gold: indeed you should follow your heart.

  6. Angel says:

    @silver wolf: things happen that you cant control so just forget her and find your mate, that is how it works right?…

  7. edra says:

    @Gold: hmmm better 2 have loved n lost than never 2 loved at all but not 2 run through wind n wood with one you love a worse curse than the curse n curse 4 human is unbearable, better 2 have loved n lost than never of loved at all. Wolves partner 4 life. Shifter? Better 2 love 4 lil wile than have half broken heart 4 life. Love is as dangerous as the curse n 2love a2in1 is dangerous physically and emotionally. Let they who ponder enthuse the other curse of the curse the changers handicap.

  8. edra says:

    Silver wolf compose yourself. I am old. V.old. I have had many mates. If she is worthy goes 2her. It shows strength. Alpha males lower thier heads at certain times 2 only a Alpha female. If she rejects you try again. If thus persists she is weak and unloyal and would not raise n keep a pack send be dangerous and a liability. You’re young as I was. You will learn. Turn from your pain n the way is clearer. Then choose. A mate chooses the strong. Those females who choose wrongly do not flourish n are unworthy 2mate. Ponder on this and not your pain. Then only then you will see your path. Old wolf has spoken.

  9. ArgharnaWelyn says:

    @mvbaurqfiorg: that could be possible

  10. Just cause a female says that you are not her type means very little. A wise chooser is the best of the best. They are loving and loyal too.

  11. ViX3n says:

    So I need some help, I dont know where else to turn to. Im not a werewolf, if anything im more vampire. Im very intuative and two years ago I met someone. I was new in town and I went to a party one night. When I walked in, he was the first person I saw, and as soon as I saw him, I knew I didnt want anything to do with him…that he was different. He felt the same way, but indtead of not wanting anything to do with me, he was drawn t bo me and wanted me. We became quick friends since I decided to ignore my warnings. We were best friends, inseperable…he understood me for who I am. I wasnt crazy to him, and I knew we had a strong connection.
    Well, we ended up falling in love and we were together for three weeks. In the second week something strange happened. We had gone to our budies place to feed his cat while he was gone, and my mate didnt want to go, but I made him. When we got back, he jumped me. He playfully pushed me on the bed and sat on me so my shoulders and arms were pinned. Im not a big girl in any means, and he took advantage. He pulled out a knife and started to run it through my hair, and along my cheek, asking if it was f*****g with me yet?? I was crying for him to stop when I looked up amd noticed his eyes had gone from hazel with blue in the middle, to bright amber…and at one point his eyes were pitch black. He then procceed to hold the blunt edge of the blade againsrlt my neck, saying he was going to make me laugh amd cry at the same time. Finally he stopped and let me up, and I crawled to the corner and started saying the lords prayer in my head. Eyes unchanged, he looked at me and told me to stop…but stop what?? He couldnt hear me. We decided to go out for a smoke then go to bed, and the next morning he had no recolection of the night before.
    We have tried to be together since then, but I always leave. I felt like he obviously needed help, and I refused to have anything to do.with him. Well recently ive realized im bonded to him. I dont know anything about bonding, but I know hes done it with me. Even when we were together he would ask me for my blood…but I was never allowed to know why…i still dont.
    Im here looking for answers. I have searched and searched through all of my resources and was led to believe he was/is Reptilian…but this werewolf idea seems to fit a little better. Does anyone have any answers?? Im so tired of wondering and searching with no diffinative answers…

  12. ViX3n says:

    Oh, I am back talking with him now. I want to be safe and im tired of being in the dark.since he wont tell me anything. If hes bonded with me..are we bonded for life?? Is he it now?? I just read my tarot, and it added up to him…i just dont understand. I need that one missing puzzle piece.

  13. RLL says:

    @silver wolf: Are you a Lon Chaney werewolf or a Twilight Saga werewolf?

  14. Lycanhope says:

    @ViX3n: He’s a psychopath. Case closed.
    @RLL: You realise those are both fictitious right? Fiction novels and movies aren’t the best reference material.

  15. Mary says:

    i’m beginning to think that this new guy is rather odd. Or really annoying. I can just tell that if he stays on here or comes back, then there will be something that i utterly despise about him. If people act utterly stupid towards me or just in general, i typically will not like that person. like my friend’s mom’s boyfriend, there is just something about that man that just disgusts me.

  16. Mary says:

    But its not my choice who she dates, if she wants to date or even marry that imbecile then she can do just that.

  17. El says:

    I think I was last on this site in june or July . I missed so much I don’t know were to ask were I miss what . So can someone fill me in

  18. nightwolf says:

    @el: go to chat..we’ll fill you in

  19. Lilcoxy says:

    My love is a werewolf, he was frightened to tell me as he thought he would scare me away but I stood by him, but despite that and the fact I’m a vampire myself, the love is still incredibly strong.

  20. Laika says:

    I haven’t met my destined mate yet, although a fellow Alpha and friend of mine found her mate about 2 years ago. But if I ever find my mate I’m a little worried about telling him that I’m a werewolf. Any advice?

  21. Laika says:

    A couple of month’s ago, I told this guy named John, who I was dating, that I was a Wolf. I introduced him to my pack, I thought it was the right thing to do. Before I finish telling what happened, keep in mind that everyone in my pack is very young, I’m the oldest at 16, my brother(who’s also my Beta is 14). Playfully me and Evan were wrestling,taking a few nips out of each other, it was only for fun. But John got in the middle, trying to prove he could protect me from harm. Everything happened so fast,one minute John was in front of me, the next he was on the ground. He quickly got up and ran home, he broke up with me the next day. And I asked him why. This is what he said:
    “I don’t want anything to do with mutts like you and your friends. There’s a reason why people used to burn you at the stake! You’re the Devil.”
    He left me feeling stunned and a little hurt. But mostly I was angry, I had shown him a part of me no one else had ever seen before and he hated me for it. With the anger burning hot like silver in my blood, that night I destroyed his car: Long gash marks along the side, tires slashed, and windows cracked.
    He learned one thing from me that day: Don’t mess with the Big Bad Wolf1

  22. Lycanhope says:

    @Laika: I’m going to temporarily ignore the fact that everything you apparently did is horribly illegal, and ask how you managed to tear long gash marks in a car. Scratches I’d understand, but gashes? The hell did you use, a circular saw?

  23. Laika says:

    Does it matter? If I did I never got caught. Are you from around Indiana? That’s where I make my den.

  24. Lycanhope says:

    The fact you find nothing wrong with that situation worries me.

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