werewolf love

I’m always surprised when I get this question, but it is a very popular question that comes in again and again.  Yes, werewolves can fall in love.  Remember, werewolves are part human, and almost anything that a human can do, a werewolf can do.

Often, the human a werewolf falls in love with  has no clue that he/she is a werewolf, and thus the relationship often does not survive.  Werewolves are extremely secretive and often do not share their secret with the person they love. The secrecy is often the breaking point for the relationship.

Yes, werewolves love.



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127 Responses

  1. Heather says:

    To that derek dude… Just because you have never seen something does not mean they do not exist, remote islands with animals never seen by human eyes…but they are still there…

  2. WEREWOLFS ROCK!!!! says:

    Im only a 10 year old werewolf, but one day i will meet another werewolf and love her and thats that.Also, when i move outt, im gonna create a pack or whatever its called, so who wants to join a head of time?please post if u will…

  3. WEREWOLFS ROCK!!!! says:

    IDK y im on here when im just ten.I also agree that werewolfs could love cause before i knew i was a werewolf i loved this girl in my class, but after a while i figured she wasnt my type, wait, y r we werewolfs even saying we r werewolfs?do u want our race to be exsposed and wiped out???!!!

  4. WEREWOLFS ROCK!!!! says:

    what i was goig to say is my name.

  5. clariza says:


  6. chaos says:

    Ihave a question and i need an ansur fast please. Ihonnestly dont want to start any kind of trouble. Im not nameing anynames or genders but someone i care about ALOT in my life is a werewolf and im very worried about him/her, sometimes ill ask what a scar came from and me/she will not tell me. I scared he/she will get in a fight one night and get seriously injured or worse. However i cant do anything to prevent that because he/she refuses to change me into a wolf to help him/her.Ive told him/her to be more carefull but im sooooo scared. Ive googled everything for help and this is my last resort.

    anything will help
    thanks alot

  7. Lycanhope says:

    @Chaos: As noone else has answered this, I guess I will. If this person really is a werewolf, then he/she knows that they can’t “turn” people, they aren’t rejecting you it’s just not possible. All you can really do is make sure you’re there to patch him/her up when they get back, they probably appreciate you just being there more than you think.

  8. Astute newt says:

    indeed, lycanhope, I’ve discovered it’s almost exclusively a heretical “gift” (or curse as some may label it)

  9. chaos says:

    oh thank you and yes i pretty much act as his nurse 😀 i leave my window open once he phases back so he can jump right in when he needs to 😀

  10. bambi ♥ says:

    HI people! I feel really stupid asking this but how do i find out im a werewolf? I have serious anger issues and I growl. I love meat and all our dogs obey me. I think I am a werewolf and i have tryed m-shifting before but wasn’t sure if I accually shifted. Can any one help me? Thank you! I would really apprecaite it 😀
    Bambi ♥

  11. vivii says:

    i reallyy want a werewolf too fall inn lovee withh mee andd i would wuna fall in love withh him two <3

  12. deanna says:

    i wish i could meet my werewolf one day . i’v always been different and i know im not completly ugly but im not beautiful either ,i just never fit in even with my friends i always feel like i’m left out of the group.

  13. Big pup says:

    I’m dating a werewolf and she hates being what she is. It’s kinda sad really.

  14. Lover Girl says:

    @Big pup: ya i know it is ive told you the truth and it just brought us closer it is true werewolves can fall in love because ive fallen in love with big pup

  15. chaos says:

    how do you treat a werewolfs broken arm? do you splint it like a human arm? i have no clue about it! ahhh

  16. Big pup says:

    Same as a normal one

  17. Hey guys! i have a question. I am a werewolf and i have a human gf. i have known her for 5 years, been best friends with her for 4, dating for 1 1/2 years. i was recently bitten a while back. im too young to change yet (im 11 3/4) but since most start change when they are 12-15 years old. when i do start, i want to tell her. should i tell her now before i start or after i start? and can you tell me what happened when you told urs? also, when i do start changing, i want to change her, but not actually bite. how should i change her then?

  18. Big pup says:

    she just up and told me and it took a while for that new to settel i asked alot of questions theres ups and downs to both sides if oy wait till after then you can prove it, befor then she will know in advance.down:after she may not like what you are or know how to deal/respond to it, befor she may not beliave you and run off. so its your choice man.

  19. Earthchild says:

    I have an issue and I need help fast. My ex was a mutt. For some reason one day we were walking and next thing i knew i was waking up on the ground with my arm burning all the way down to my fingers. He had bit me. The place where he had bit began blistering before i even could stand. We ended up breaking up and ever since then i have been having terrible nightmares. I look at a guy and my arm starts burning like hell. The trees call me home and the wind tell me to run. My forsight has become foggy and my empathy feels like static. Something dark is going on. HELP

  20. samantha says:

    this is a girl perspective-if you love a werewolf and he loves you then the time is right ask him.

  21. Gold says:

    It works both ways wether is female or male ps. Exuse the bad spelling it’s the message I give that counts

  22. Gold says:

    Earthchild: you would make a great poet and you should follow your heart

  23. Fang Raven says:

    i am a big believer of werewolves, and i know theres real ones out there but im sure very few…cuz alot of us werewolves cant change into wolf/human form…so we make our selves werewolves on the inside…like me, ive spent alot of my time believeing i could one day change….but then one day i actually agreed that it would never happen, so i went to the fact that i am a werewolf on the inside…not outside

  24. silver wolf says:

    @Fang Raven: i agree with you but i am a real werewolf

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